Suu Kyi's visit seen as bid to boost friendship

2016-08-18 07:54:19

Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi arrived in Beijing on Wednesday night to kick off her first China visit as her country's No 2 political figure.

Li urges top advisers to rely on broad vision

2016-08-18 07:54:19

Premier Li Keqiang called on Wednesday for top advisers to contribute thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the government's policymaking.

China to strengthen regulation on real estate agencies

2016-08-18 00:28:35

Chinese authorities have unveiled guidelines to improve regulations on real estate agencies, which have become a major source of customer complaints due to misleading information.

China's top legislature schedules bi-monthly session

2016-08-17 19:00:22

The top legislature of China will convene its bi-monthly session from Aug. 29 to Sept. 3, according to a statement issued after a chairpersons' meeting Wednesday.

Policies aim for steady trade growth

2016-08-17 07:35:12

China will reinforce existing policies and streamline administrative procedures to promote steady growth of imports and exports, the government announced on Tuesday.

US Army chief visits East Asia

2016-08-17 07:35:12

China hopes Washington "places a high priority and properly tackles" its plan to deploy an advanced anti-missile system in the Republic of Korea, a senior Chinese military official said on Tuesday.

Diplomats vow progress on code of conduct

2016-08-17 07:32:44

China and ASEAN made several breakthroughs on the South China Sea issue on Tuesday, including vowing to finish a framework by the middle of next year for a code of conduct for the sea.

Security top priority at G20 summit

2016-08-16 07:53:07

The local government will "spare no effort" to guarantee the "absolute safety" of the G20 summit to be held early next month in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, said the city's top official.

Beijing condemns top officials' shrine visit

2016-08-16 07:53:07

China expressed strong opposition to Japanese Cabinet members' visits to the Yasukuni Shrine on Monday, saying it again reflects the Japanese government's wrong attitude toward history.

China denounces Japanese cabinet members' visit to Yasukuni Shrine

2016-08-16 05:13:24

China on Monday voiced "firm" opposition after two Japanese cabinet members paid homage to the notorious war-linked Yasukuni Shrine on the 71st anniversary of Japan's unconditional surrender in World War II.

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi to visit China

2016-08-15 12:18:46

Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi will pay an official visit to China from Aug. 17 to 21 at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang announced Monday.

Guangdong closes bribe-deposit accounts in anti-graft drive

2016-08-15 14:06:53

Guangdong has become the latest province to scrap the special accounts created for officials to anonymously deposit bribe payments that they had accepted.