New regulation hard to gauge, observers say

2016-05-05 07:56:28

With a regulation for car-hailing services just around the corner, internet and judicial specialists are talking about how big a role it will play in the industry after a tragedy involving a car-hailing app in Shenzhen.

Sniffing out contraband, canines earn their keep

2016-05-05 07:56:28

In an inconspicuous courtyard in Beijing's suburban Tongzhou district, 44 dogs have been working hard to learn a range of skills and hone their ability to quickly identify a wide selection of smells.

Private investment incentives reviewed

2016-05-05 08:01:35

China will conduct a one-month, sweeping examination of a series of incentives encouraging private investment that were designed to boost the role of such investment in the country's economic development.

Foreign Ministry opposes so-called UN experts

2016-05-04 22:11:14

The Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that China holds a "strong opposition" against a UN human rights experts' remarks about the country's law regarding the management of foreign non-governmental organizations.

Chinese navy to conduct drill in South China Sea

2016-05-04 22:07:44

Three naval ships of China's Nanhai Fleet left a naval port in Sanya, Hainan Province, on Wednesday, kicking off an annual combat drill in the South China Sea and neighboring waters.

Inspection to roll out to boost private investments

2016-05-04 21:51:54

The central government, faced with slowing growth of private investments, will inspect a nationwide implementation of policies that encourage private capital to enter new fields in hopes of boosting China's economic vitality and international competiveness.

China to intensify crackdown on IPR infringement, fake goods

2016-05-04 21:30:38

China's State Council said on Wednesday that the country will intensify crackdowns on intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement and the production and sales of counterfeit goods this year, particularly in the Internet sector.

Ministry targets Japan's 'sense of presence' over South China Sea

2016-05-04 18:22:52

China urged Japan to stop constantly show its "sense of presence" which is displayed "almost in a paranoid way" on issues concerning the South China Sea.

China to start nationwide inspection of water law enforcement

2016-05-04 16:44:43

China's top legislature announced Wednesday the beginning of a nationwide inspection on water conservation law enforcement to aid agricultural water conservation and strengthen protection of water resources.

China to simplify approval process for gold imports, exports

2016-05-04 13:50:36

China will test a new policy that aims to make the import and export of gold a lot easier, according to a statement jointly issued by the People's Bank of China and the General Administration of Customs.

Infrastructure expansion in rural areas key to growth

2016-05-04 08:02:13

1 million km of roads, 100 projects planned; government seats across country to be linked

Land-sale finance can no longer sustain cities

2016-05-04 08:02:13

How can China's hard and long-drawn economic transition be judged from what its cities have done to drive local economic growth? The fact is they have basically done nothing in the past three years.