China adopts new law to regulate overseas NGOs

2016-04-28 16:30:15

China's top legislature on Thursday adopted a law to regulate the activities of nongovernmental organizations from outside the Chinese mainland.

Premier Li tours Chengdu alley, promotes Chinese beer

2016-04-28 14:46:35

Premier Li Keqiang made a surprise visit at night to a tourist attraction and commercial street in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province.

State Council appoints, removes officials

2016-04-28 13:29:13

The State Council, China's Cabinet, announced the appointment and removal of several senior government officials on Thursday.

Lawmakers call for better cultural services for elderly, rural residents

2016-04-28 09:12:57

Chinese lawmakers reviewed a draft law on public cultural services on Wednesday, calling for better services for seniors and rural residents.

Xi stresses science and technology

2016-04-28 02:24:20

For the second time in a week, President Xi Jinping has emphasized the important role of science and technology in powering China's development.

PLA restructuring changes focus at military schools

2016-04-28 02:06:56

A changing Chinese military strategy and planned troop reductions in the People's Liberation Army are having an impact on the number and type of students military academies will be recruiting and training.

Lawmakers advise against unregulated release of captive animals

2016-04-27 20:51:46

Legislators on Wednesday discussed the need to regulate the freeing of captive animals while deliberating the newest revised draft of the wild animal protection law.

Human-like robots say 'hi' to President Xi

2016-04-27 11:26:05

President Xi Jinping visited the Institute of Advanced Technology in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Heifei, Anhui province, and was greeted by two human-like robots developed by the institute.

China can be model for climate fight, say experts

2016-04-25 09:03:15

China's strong commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is vital to fully implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which was signed by 175 countries late on Friday, experts say.

Highlights of President Xi's internet speech

2016-04-27 07:08:19

President Xi Jinping called for "more tolerance and patience" toward internet users and welcomed online criticism.

A UK 'Brexit' could weigh on China: experts

2016-04-26 11:06:20

The possibility of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has been troubling its member states since a referendum was put forth in 2015 in the British Parliament, but the prospect holds broader implications that stretch beyond Western nations, experts believe.

China helping to fight piracy off Africa

2016-04-26 11:06:20

China is calling upon the international community to support West African nations in combating the rising piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea, said Liu Jieyi, China's permanent representative to the United Nations and president of the UN Security Council for the month of April.