Chinese vice premier eyes closer cooperation with European companies

2016-03-17 04:36:52

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang on Wednesday called on European enterprises to cooperate with China in promoting science, innovation and service trade.

Country will achieve growth targets, says Premier Li

2016-03-16 11:31:22

China is set to achieve its annual economic growth targets despite the weak global economy, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday.

China releases water from dam to alleviate SE Asia drought

2016-03-16 11:04:47

China has provided an emergency water supply to countries along the Mekong River to help deal with drought, water resources minister says.

China punishes 3,180 prodigal officials in February

2016-03-16 00:10:19

A total of 3,180 officials, including three at provincial and ministerial level, were disciplined for violating thrift and integrity rules in February.

China hopes for more cooperation with US in chasing fugitives

2016-03-15 22:39:27

China hopes for more cooperation with the United States in chasing Chinese fugitives and their illegal assets, senior security official Meng Jianzhu said on Tuesday.

China says Russia's Syria withdrawal a positive signal

2016-03-15 20:54:31

Russia's withdrawal of military forces from Syria will help keep parties on the table to find a solution to the Syria issue through negotiations, China's Foreign Ministry says.

Anti-graft campaign targets poverty relief

2016-03-15 02:28:32

The anti-corruption campaign will include a new target this year cracking down on the misuse and embezzlement of poverty relief funds.

Urban unemployment stable at 5.1 pct: NBS

2016-03-15 17:25:09

China's urban unemployment rate stayed at 5.1 percent throughout January and February, according to new research by the the National Bureau of Statistics.

China's State Council appoints, removes officials

2016-03-15 15:54:25

The State Council, China's Cabinet, announced the appointment and the removal of several senior government officials Tuesday.

Chinese courts enforce orders involving 3 trillion yuan

2016-03-15 15:53:45

Over the last three years, courts have ensured settlements totaling over 3.2 trillion yuan ($500 billion).

Official confident rundown-housing renovation target to be met

2016-03-15 15:52:54

A senior housing official said on Tuesday that he was confident that China would achieve this year's renovation target for substandard housing.

Infographics: All you need to know about Premier'ss press conference

2016-03-15 08:49:35

Infographics: All you need to know about Premier'ss press conference