Officials sacked for poor response to Typhoon Nepartak

2016-07-18 07:42:20

Three officials were sacked for their inadequate response in coping with Typhoon Nepartak which has caused huge casualties and economic losses in East China's Fujian province.

China to hold Party officials accountable for poor leadership

2016-07-17 20:40:06

The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Sunday published a regulation that holds Party officials accountable for poor leadership.

Premier urges Japan to stop hyping maritime issue

2016-07-15 21:49:52

Premier Li Keqiang told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday that Japan should "be cautious in words and actions" and "should not hype and interfere in the South China Sea issue".

Liu Yunshan attends Party School graduation ceremony

2016-07-15 15:35:11

Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) leader Liu Yunshan attended a graduation ceremony at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee on Friday.

Yang Jiechi gives interview to state media on the so-called award by the arbitral tribunal for the South China Sea arbitration

2016-07-15 14:20:57

On 14 July, State Councilor Yang Jiechi gave an interview to state media on the so-called award of the Arbitral Tribunal for the South China Sea arbitration during which he elaborated on China's position.

First sea-air emergency drill held near Sansha

2016-07-15 10:05:23

An emergency drill is held in waters off Sansha city in the South China Sea on July 14, 2016.

Ministry rips US report blaming Beijing for hacks

2016-07-15 08:25:21

The Foreign Ministry slammed a report by a US congressional committee blaming the Chinese government for hacking computers at a government corporation that insures bank deposits.

Visit pushes cooperation between China, Mongolia

2016-07-15 08:25:21

Li: Countries should ramp up projects formutual benefits

China rebuts claim it sank Vietnamese fishing boat

2016-07-15 08:25:21

A Chinese official on Thursday denied Vietnamese allegations that a Chinese coast guard ship sank a Vietnamese fishing boat in the South Chinese Sea last week.

Li calls Sino-Mongolia ties 'best ever'

2016-07-14 13:11:49

Guards of honor dressed in traditional costumes and two dozens of cavalry troops were part of a ceremony Mongolia's new Prime Minister Jargaltulga Erdenebat held at the Chinggis Khaan Square to welcome his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang in capital Ulaanbaatar on Thursday morning.

Four high-ranking officials charged with corruption

2016-07-14 07:13:43

Four high-ranking officials are being prosecuted on corruption charges, the country's top prosecuting body announced on Wednesday amid the nation's continued campaign against corruption.

Regional connectivity key to mutual benefits, trade official says

2016-07-14 07:13:43

China-Mongolia business ties will look to enhanced regional connectivity to stimulate trade and attract investment as they pursue measures to improve economic integration, Chinese officials said.