Drug fight focuses on the Mekong Delta

2016-04-20 11:31:52

Helping fight the illicit drug trade in the Southeast Asian region remains a priority for China, said Chinese State Councilor Guo Shengkung.

China will wage war on drugs

2016-04-20 11:31:52

China is committed to fighting drug crime and will continue to support the work of UN anti-narcotics agencies, State Councilor Guo Shengkun said on Tuesday.

Incentives offered for Chinese mining companies who want to upgrade

2016-04-20 21:32:13

The Ministry of Land and Resources said on Wednesday that it will release a five-year-guidance for providing financing support and tax cut policies to mining companies that are willing to upgrade mining facilities by the end of this year.

Cuba re-elects Raul Castro

2016-04-20 19:31:20

China congratulated Cuban leader Raul Castro on his re-election as the first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba Wednesday.

Shandong rewards cities for improved air quality

2016-04-20 16:08:10

East China's Shandong province is incentivizing cities to improve air quality by giving cash rewards to those that make progress and fining those that don't.

Peng Liyuan meets with students of Austrian school in Beijing

2016-04-20 13:40:17

Peng Liyuan, Chinese President Xi Jinping's wife, met with a group of students and teachers from Sydney, Australia Tuesday afternoon at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in central Beijing.

China to have first batch of female pilots for 'flying leopard' fighter bombers

2016-04-20 09:26:35

China's first batch of female combat pilots of "Flying Leopard" the bombers conducted their very first training of flying in formation at night in southeast China recently.

Xi says advice from netizens welcome

2016-04-20 02:07:54

President Xi called for "more tolerance and patience" toward netizens and welcomed online criticism as long as it arises from goodwill.

Xi hails 'unprecedented' China-NZ cooperation

2016-04-20 02:07:54

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Tuesday, hailing "unprecedented" cooperation between the two nations.

Premier Li expects China, India to jointly maintain border peace

2016-04-20 01:45:13

Premier Li Keqiang expressed the hope that defense departments and armed forces of China and India strengthen exchanges, dialogue and communication to jointly maintain peace and stability in their border areas.

Xi calls for steady development of Sino-US ties

2016-04-20 01:45:13

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for more communication and cooperation between China and the United States on Tuesday, urging the two sides to push for sustainable, healthy and steady development of bilateral relations.

Environment minister hails China's nuclear safety

2016-04-20 00:55:05

The Chinese minister of environmental protection on Tuesday hailed the country's sound nuclear safety record but called for enhanced regulation in the future.