CPC congratulates opening of CPV's 12th National Congress

2016-01-21 18:03:24

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Thursday congratulated the opening of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

State Councilor to attend Indonesian rail project ceremony

2016-01-20 19:47:26

State Councilor Wang Yong will attend the commencement ceremony for Indonesia's first high-speed railway project during his visit to the country from Wednesday to Friday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday.

Former official sentenced to 12 years for graft

2016-01-20 11:25:10

Former political advisor Yang Gang was sentenced to 12 years in prison Wednesday for accepting bribes by the Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing.

Demand grows for supply-side focus

2016-01-20 08:15:06

"Supply-side reform" has been a buzz-phrase since early November, when President Xi Jinping mentioned it at a top economic meeting.

China looks to move career barriers for top foreign talents

2016-01-20 07:47:00

The move is expected to make more opportunities accessible to foreigners eligible to work at research institutions, colleges and universities.

Record number of Shanghai officials investigated for embezzlement, bribery

2016-01-19 19:25:11

Seven bureau-level officials in Shanghai were investigated for embezzlement and bribery in 2015, a record for the city, an anti-graft watchdog announced on Tuesday.

Deputy head of mainland's Taiwan affairs authority under probe: CCDI

2016-01-19 19:21:13

The top anti-graft body announced on Tuesday that the deputy head of the Chinese mainland's Taiwan affairs authority has been placed under investigation.

Former Shanghai vice mayor expelled from office, Party

2016-01-19 16:26:32

Investigations found Ai Baojun seriously violated the Party's political discipline, cheating the Party organization and confronting the investigation.

Senior govt officials accused of corruption, expelled from Party

2016-01-19 15:25:56

Two senior government officials accused of bribery, trading power for sex and other improper behavior have been expelled from the Communist Party of China and removed from their posts.

Chinese govt in action: Protecting citizens overseas

2016-01-19 14:10:52

China has more citizens living outside the country than any other nation in the world.

China in full sail with deepening reform

2016-01-19 12:09:30

Defined as "the key year of comprehensively deepening reforms," 2015 saw a series of milestones achieved by China.

Grass-roots worker elected to top trade union leadership

2016-01-19 10:10:18

Ju Xiaolin, a technical migrant worker, was voted in as vice chair of China's trade union federation on Sunday.