New audits of officials to eye data on environment

2015-09-18 07:40:36

Leading government officials will be audited on their performance on environmental protection based on an evaluation of natural resources records, a practice expected to expand nationwide by 2018.

FM official: Xi's US visit to achieve rich cooperation

2015-09-17 21:42:25

Chinese President Xi Jinping's coming visit to the United States will achieve rich results in a wide range of areas as the two countries seek to expand cooperation.

Outgoing officials face scrutiny

2015-09-17 20:39:33

A pilot plan to audit outgoing leading officials' natural resources/assets accountability is to be launched, according to an official from the China National Audit Office (CNAO).

Reform on the way to promote ecological progress

2015-09-17 20:36:05

China is to publish details of a program on reforming the monitoring of ecological progress, a senior reform official said in Beijing on Thursday.

The tell-it-all Premier

2015-09-17 18:33:15

Li Keqiang, the first Chinese premier with a doctorate in Economics, gave a course on China economics. Li used the term "tell-it-all" to describe such openness by the government.

China to build system to compensate environmental damages by 2020

2015-09-17 17:52:57

China will require those who damage the ecological environment to pay compensation, a deputy minister of environment said Thursday.

Officials face punishment over environmental blunders

2015-09-17 17:42:55

Government officials will be sent to disciplinary watchdogs for punishment if they are found responsible for deterioration of the environment or neglecting environmental responsibilities, a deputy minister of environment said.

Network will monitor environment by 2020

2015-09-17 17:37:28

China will build a network to monitor the ecological environment by 2020, a deputy minister of environment said.

Harsh punishment for officials responsible for pollution

2015-09-17 17:27:21

In a bid to better protect the environment, China has tightened related accountability measures for Party and government officials, Gao Xuanmin, secretary general of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC said.

The artistic talents of Chinese leaders

2015-09-16 17:08:48

Among the current and retired top leaders in China, many are art enthusiasts with their own interests in different art fields.

Senior securities official under investigation

2015-09-17 06:43:40

Zhang Yujun, the assistant chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, is by far the highest-ranked securities official investigated.

Senior CPC official vows nation will play 'responsible role' in region

2015-09-17 07:49:01

China will play "a more active and responsible role" in handling regional issues in a bid to inject fresh momentum into the global cause of human rights, a senior official promised at a human rights forum.