Govt boosts new energy vehicle purchases

2016-02-25 04:14:10

China is to increase to more than half the proportion of new energy vehicle purchases made by some government departments, the State Council said on Wednesday.

Economic fugitive becomes first this year to surrender in Guangdong

2016-02-24 19:55:49

After months of effort from prosecutors, an economic fugitive was persuaded home from Canada and surrendered to authorities in the southern province of Guangdong.

China boosting, not damaging, global economy

2016-02-24 19:32:32

Beijing denies its industrial overcapacity is "hurting the world economy", as it questioned a report on Wednesday by a European business group.

5,027 proposals passed up the line for review

2016-02-24 08:04:33

A huge proportion of proposals raised by China's political advisers last year for improved policymaking have been accepted or responded to, the country's national political advisory body said.

Court says community road rule needs legislative support

2016-02-24 08:04:33

Guideline from the central govt would keep new residential streets open to public.

Think tank to support Belt and Road Initiative

2016-02-24 08:04:33

The International Silk Road Think Tank Association was launched on Tuesday in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, to provide sustained intellectual support for China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Potato set to become the fourth food staple

2016-02-24 08:03:56

China is aiming to have 6.66 million hectares on which to grow potatoes by 2020, as the crop is set to become the nation's fourth food staple after rice, wheat and corn.

Experts positive over nation's economic transition

2016-02-24 08:03:56

A US official and pundit have spoken positively of China's economic transition and reforms while calling for faster and bolder steps to be taken.

Hard landing 'unlikely despite a bumpy road'

2016-02-24 08:03:56

The Chinese economy is on a bumpy road but stronger than-expected January data suggest that a hard landing is unlikely, according to analysts.

Watchdog pledges to intensify scrutiny

2016-02-24 07:56:22

The top graft-buster said commission will continue to carry out work targeting Party departments, State institutions and local governments.

China cuts more red-tape

2016-02-24 00:04:10

The State Council, China's cabinet, has decided to abolish another 13 items of administrative approval to reduce intervention in the economy.

President Xi urges implementation of reforms

2016-02-23 22:07:57

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday ordered officials at all levels to implement reform measures and address lingering problems to ensure the reform drive is successful.