Former China work safety regulator expelled from Party

2015-10-16 14:59:18

Yang Dongliang, former head of the State Administration of Work Safety, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and removed from public office, said the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the CPC on Friday.

'Black banks' targeted in latest anti-graft crackdown

2015-10-16 07:22:19

Authorities have opened a new front in the ongoing cleanup campaign by targeting underground lenders and illegal overseas currency transfers.

Police step up underground banks battle

2015-10-16 07:03:50

Police in China have intensified efforts to crack down on underground banks to prevent suspected corrupt officials from transferring their ill-gotten assets abroad through money laundering.

Early harvest seen for Belt and Road

2015-10-16 07:04:14

The Belt and Road Initiative, proposed two years ago, has begun to reap an early harvest, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday.

Optimistic on Belt and Road plan

2015-10-15 22:26:22

China’s Belt and Road Initiative has a good chance of succeeding because it draws on the country’s strong experience with infrastructure financing, and China watchers shouldn’t worry that the program is an extension of the country’s foreign policy, said the CEO of a subsidiary of one of China’s largest investment banks.

Business dialogue helps promote consensus on Belt and Road Initiative

2015-10-15 21:30:39

More than 100 business representatives from 26 countries discussed the Belt and Road Initiative in Beijing on Thursday.

China rejects US religious freedom report

2015-10-15 21:30:39

China criticized the US State Department's annual religious freedom report, urging the country to stop interfering in China's internal affairs under the pretext of religious issues.

China targets corruption in environment impact assessment

2015-10-15 21:19:45

China has revised regulations on environmental impact assessors to combat corruption, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said on Thursday.

Zombie companies' to be weeded out to reduce risks

2015-10-15 20:57:26

China's policymakers and economists have rung alarm bells for companies on the brink of bankruptcy, known as "zombie companies", to sustain growth and reduce the risks facing the economy.

China approves 15 bln USD in infrastructure projects

2015-10-15 20:39:20

China's top economic planner approved the construction of eight infrastructure projects, with an estimated total investment of 95.3 billion yuan ($15 billion).

Plan to get tap water to most poverty-stricken areas

2015-10-15 20:47:09

The central government will ensure the supply of tap water to 80 percent of the rural population living in poverty-stricken counties by 2020.

Facilities on reefs mostly for 'civilian use'

2015-10-15 10:51:35

The frequent muscle flexing by some countries in the South China Sea is the biggest cause for the militarization of the region, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday in response to a joint statement made by US and Australian foreign and defense ministers.