Xi urges reorganized military organs to focus on winning wars

2016-01-11 19:35:50

President Xi Jinping has urged the reorganized organs of the Central Military Commission (CMC) to focus on winning wars as their central task.

China reshuffles military headquarters

2016-01-11 19:31:44

There are now six new departments: joint staff, political work, logistical support, equipment development, training and defense mobilization.

Govt will ease controls on air ticket prices

2016-01-11 07:45:39

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has pledged to gradually loosen control over air carriers' ticket prices and administrative charges.

Watchdog issues rare comment on execs' porn prosecution

2016-01-11 07:30:51

China's Internet watchdog has taken the rare step of commenting on an ongoing court case by issuing a statement about a controversial online pornography trial.

CPC achieves self-improvement with Xi's leadership

2016-01-10 20:38:05

As the Communist Party of China (CPC) makes reforms to revive the country's past glory, it is also making critical steps for the cause by improving its style of work and building its integrity.

China overfulfills affordable housing target

2016-01-10 02:53:45

China completed 7.72 million units of affordable housing in urban areas in 2015, beating the annual target of 4.8 million, official data have shown.

Four senior officials expelled from Party in Hebei

2016-01-09 18:33:57

Four senior officials in North China's Hebei province have been expelled from the Communist Party of China for corruption, said the provincial discipline watchdog.

Beijing to shut 2,500 small, polluting firms this year

2016-01-09 17:17:24

Beijing will shut down 2,500 small and polluting firms in 2016 in its latest environmental protection efforts, said the municipal government.

China is building a prosperous society

2016-01-09 11:07:15

During a visit to Chongqing Municipality, Chinese President Xi Jinping touted the development concepts of innovation, coordination, green development, opening up and sharing. He believed they have been derived from domestic and international experiences and based on analysis of the economic and social development trends and relevant laws.

CPC expels corrupt mayor in Inner Mongolia

2016-01-09 04:39:49

Tang Aijun, former mayor of Hohhot, capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China over corruption allegations.

Chinese top leaders to attend AIIB opening activities

2016-01-08 20:18:01

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang will attend activities marking the opening of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Former steel chief expelled from CPC

2016-01-08 15:12:41

Deng Qilin, former president of major Chinese steelmaker Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp., has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) for multiple offenses including graft, hindering investigations and "practicing superstitious activities."