A new hotel opens every four days

2011-08-12 15:20:48

China is opening an international hotel every four days, making it the world’s fastest hotel market, Shanghai Morning Post reported.

EU to raise tariffs on goods from China

2011-08-12 14:02:55

The European Union is considering raising tariffs on cheap goods from China, according to a warning issued by the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Embassy of China in Italy.

Budding journalists a sensation at Universiade

2011-08-11 21:35:10

A young teenage student was surrounded by photographers who were amazed by his questions in fluent English to a foreign journalist.

Father of executed killer sues for defamation

2011-08-11 18:21:52

The father of a student executed for killing a crash victim to cover up the accident is suing the victim’s lawyer for defamation, Guangzhou daily reported.

China's monetary policy may change in H2

2011-08-11 17:18:48

China will maintain a prudent monetary policy in the second half of the year, according to information released from internal conferences of financial regulators.

'Made in China' loses its cost advantage

2011-08-11 16:57:38

China's manufacturing cost advantage has been cut by almost 20 percent and multinational companies are reducing the procurement of consumer goods from China.

Residential land bidding falls in July

2011-08-11 16:28:59

Property developers continue to withhold from residential land bidding in a belief that the lowest price of land has yet to come. The fall in bidding activities began in July.

Chongqing: China's safest, most stable city

2011-08-10 18:11:08

Chongqing is the safest and most stable city in China, according to a league table cited in the Chongqing Evening News Wednesday.

Soymilk seller defends powder use

2011-08-10 17:20:03

Taiwan-based soymilk retailer Yon Ho Food Company has been questioned for using soybean powder rather than a freshly-brewed mix in its restaurants, and in defense the company has argued the powder cost is more expensive.

Chinese oil traders preempt price drops

2011-08-10 16:45:10

Influenced by the crashing of the international oil price and expected adjustments of domestic oil prices, Chinese refined oil traders are stopping purchasing.

China Mobile to invest $2b in broadband upgrade

2011-08-09 17:30:47

China Mobile will invest 13 billion yuan ($2.02 billion) in Shanghai for building broadband networks, which coordinate GSM, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE and WLAN technologies, within three years, Sohu reported.

Bank loans tougher for first-home buyers

2011-08-09 13:56:58

Would-be Beijing homeowners face tougher lending times as the "Big Five" banks have withdrawn their favorable first-home loans in the city from August, the China Securities Journal said.