Yiwu to expand personal cross-border RMB settlement

2013-05-17 17:43:36

A pilot scheme has been established in Yiwu City, Zhejiang province, for promoting personal cross-border RMB settlement.A mobilization meeting will be held to further expand this scheme nationwide at the end of May.

Joint development between CAE and NAE

2013-05-17 15:13:33

A workshop between the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of the United States was held in Beijing on Wednesday to discuss leading edge science.

Shanghai bottom of GDP growth rate rankings

2013-05-16 17:12:47

YunnanandGuizhouprovinces ledChina’s GDP growth in the first quarter, whileShanghaiwas at the bottom among 31 provinces and autonomous regions.

Airport construction should be linked to demand

2013-05-15 17:41:34

Experts say airport construction, especially projects in the central and eastern regions, should be closely linked with market demand as many airports are showing losses.

IT companies think beyond outsourced work

2013-05-15 15:09:02

Today, Chinese IT companies are no longer satisfied with the tedious and labor-intensive coding work but are bidding for core, sophisticated projects from multinational companies.

Helicopter hijacking confirmed by official

2013-05-15 14:44:35

A government publicity official in Shandong province confirmed a widely circulated micro blog that a helicopter was hijacked by unidentified people on Tuesday afternoon in the eastern province.

Subway projects rely ,mainly on bank loans

2013-05-14 17:06:38

The National Development and Reform Commission has approved 27 rail construction projects in 24 cities, which require a total investment of 800 billion yuan, and more than half of the funds will rely on bank loans.

China investment in Brazil more diversified

2013-05-14 16:27:36

As China's outbound investments into Latin America grow, Brazil is welcoming more Chinese private companies as active players in more diversified ways of bilateral economic cooperation.

China-Myanmar exchange in SW China

2013-05-14 15:48:17

More than 60 representatives from China and Myanmar attended an event on Tuesday in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Embedded systems become new tech trend

2013-05-14 15:48:24

Programmable electronic systems, often referred to as embedded systems, are becoming widespread in security and environmental sectors.

Interviews required for Chinese Tier 4 applicants

2013-05-14 13:12:39

Chinese students who apply for Tier 4 (general) visas in China will be required to participate in an interview beginning in early June, according to the latest notice issued by the British government.