Student sues three ministries

2011-09-15 17:24:26

A university student filed lawsuits last week against three ministries because they refused to provide information about their vice-ministers

Policies, tech draw vision of low-carbon growth

2011-09-15 13:48:38

Government incentives are important to pave a low-carbon road to economic growth, but companies that improve their industry models and technologies are the main players and also benefit receivers, noted officials and industry insiders at the Summer Davos forum held in Dalian on Sep 14.

Gold vending machines come to Beijing

2011-09-14 17:56:49

Machines that dispense gold bars are set to make their debut in Beijing on Sep 23.The machines will dispense gold bars weighing up to 2.5 kilograms and work just like the normal automatic teller machines.

Google taps into China's group buying market

2011-09-14 17:56:49

Search engine giant Google Inc launched a new group buying service called Google Shihui on Tuesday.

China fastest growing investor in US

2011-09-14 17:56:49

China's foreign direct investment in the United States is growing faster than any other countries.

Apple Inc store annoys students

2011-09-14 17:56:49

Apple Inc has opened a store in the Peking University library, taking over an area that had been a student study room and annoying students.

Banking industry must seize new trend

2011-09-14 16:25:49

The Chinese banking industry needs to transform at the same pace as the changing economy and go abroad to serve enterprises that have overseas operations, President and CEO of China Merchants Bank Ma Weihua said on Sept 14.

Psychology of love and sex now required in college

2011-09-14 11:22:49

Psychology of love and sex is now a required course for college students in China, according to the basic requirements for mental health courses for college students released by the Ministry of Education, Beijing Times reported on Wednesday.

Chinese colleges suffocating in smoke

2011-09-14 10:59:35

China's Tobacco-control Association (CTA) says 98 percent of 800 colleges in the country do a poor job of smoking control, the China Youth Daily reported on Wednesday.

2m hectares of farmland abandoned per year

2011-09-13 16:42:12

About 2 million hectares of arable land are abandoned from farming each year, China Central Television reported Monday, citing a survey by the Ministry of Land and Resources.

China, UK to work on yuan services in London

2011-09-09 22:21:49

China and the UK welcome private-sector interest in developing an offshore market in London to trade the yuan.

Tears seen as HIV danger

2011-09-09 17:49:13

Tear glands and other associated tissue are probable reservoirs for HIV-1, and the virus can probably be transmitted through tears.