Vancl moves part of production to Bangladesh

2012-08-08 16:12:07

Online clothes retailer has moved some of its production to Bangladesh, in an effort to reduce costs due to cheaper labor in that country, according to a report in China Business News.

Project approval at peak rate

2012-08-07 17:47:18

The National Development and Reform Commission approved more than 200 investments projects each month in the last quarter.

Ministry to encourage M&As of culture industry

2012-08-07 17:47:38

The Ministry of Finance said on Monday it will spend most of its annual budget for the culture industry on encouraging mergers and acquisitions, innovations and investment in overseas markets, activities that are to be led by State-owned enterprises directly under the central government.

Worldwide brand reaches Chinese mainland

2012-08-07 15:22:02

The American fashion brand Forever 21 is about to open its first flagship store on the Chinese mainland on Wednesday.

Xiamen Airlines buys 40 Boeing planes

2012-08-07 12:40:40

China Southern Airlines Co Ltd said on August 3 that its subsidiary Xiamen Airlines agrees with Boeing Co to buy 40 737 aircraft.

Section of Great Wall collapses from rain

2012-08-07 10:43:41

Continuous rainfall destroyed a section of the Great Wall from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and renovation work is already underway, reported on Tuesday.

Crackdown on driving drug addicts

2012-08-06 20:08:14

China will launch a crackdown on drivers who use drugs, the Ministry of Public Security confirmed Monday.

Zhengzhou traffic police fines 1,793 vehicles

2012-08-06 17:01:00

Traffic police in Zhengzhou caught a total of 1,793 vehicles violating traffic rules on Friday night during a crackdown against illegal driving activities.

Xi'an signals cap on car purchases

2012-08-06 16:53:21

The northwest metropolis of Xi'an may become the fifth city in China to impose restrictions on car purchases to improve traffic congestion.

CBRC sets up IT supervision department

2012-08-06 15:26:23

The CBRC will set up an information and technology supervision department to better supervise of the banking industry’s IT operations.

Sinopec ready to fuel jets from gutter oil

2012-08-06 10:21:52

Sinopec, China's largest oil producer, is ready to start testing used cooking oil to fuel jets.

Women stabbed in Beijing subway

2012-08-05 20:27:11

Beijing police have launched a criminal investigation over a complaint that a woman was mysteriously stabbed on the overcrowded subway.