Guangdong plans big rewards for tipsters

2011-06-28 10:00:13

South China's Guangdong province may reward those who report corruption according to the amount of ill-gotten money involved in the case, reported.

Officials go bananas over rotting stock

2011-06-27 15:04:11

City officials have a launched a drive to boost banana sales to avoid a potential catastrophic harvest for farmers, Nanguo City News reported.

NPC reviews personal income tax proposal

2011-06-27 11:07:17

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) will for the second time deliberate a proposed amendment to the country's personal income tax law. The committee will meet from Monday through Thursday this week, reported.

Club with conscience to aid more

2011-06-27 11:00:08

A total of 79 Peking University graduates have become billionaires in the last decade, outperforming all other universities in Chinese mainland, according to the principal Zhou Qifeng, the Beijing News reported.

Traffic officer jailed for drunk driving

2011-06-23 17:48:15

A traffic officer in East China's Wenzhou city has received three months in jail for drunk driving, the Xinhua news agency reported, making him the first traffic officer to receive a sentence for driving whilst drunk since new laws were passed by the National People's Congress in China.

China to prioritize hydropower

2011-06-23 17:10:18

China will prioritize the development of hydropower and optimize thermal power generation under its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) for the energy sector, the 21st Century Business Herald reported Thursday.

Oil price drop benefits Chinese suppliers

2011-06-23 16:36:44

China’s imports of crude oil increased 20.8 percent in May year-on-year, according to data from the General Administration of Customs. Analysts say the growth might be attributed to the decline of international crude oil prices, the Shanghai-based National Business Daily reported Thursday.

Flight backtracks after bird strike scare

2011-06-23 11:52:53

A bird strike forced a Beijing-bound flight to return to its departure point in Wuhan on June 22, and all passengers were taken to Beijing on another plane, the Beijing Times reported.

10 trust firms to trade stock index futures

2011-06-22 16:25:49

The first batch of ten trust companies, including Shanghai Trust Co Ltd, Huarun Trust Co Ltd, and Hwabao Trust Co Ltd, will trade the stock index futures, China Securities Journal reported Wednesday, citing a relevant source.

CSRC urges listing sponsors to limit risks

2011-06-22 15:59:20

The China Securities Regulatory Commission has issued drafted directives for sponsors who help to get a company listed, China Securities News reported Wednesday.

Listed companies safe from droughts, floods

2011-06-22 15:48:30

Battered first by droughts and now floods, the livelihood of the people and industrial output have been greatly affected, but most listed companies said it has been business as usual for their operations despite the adverse weather conditions, the China Securities Journal reported Wednesday.

Table tennis: Shakehand, penhold vie for better style

2011-06-22 14:52:02

A special table tennis competition was held on Tuesday in Shenyang of Northeast China where the world's top paddlers were grouped into shakehanders and penholders, two types of paddles, to probe the pros and cons of the two styles.