Internal trade plan is in the works

2011-03-11 13:51:12

China is likely to release an internal trade development plan in late April, the Shanghai Securities News reported Friday, citing Jiang Zengwei, vice-minister of the Ministry of Commerce.

Philanthropist to donate 200,000 yuan to quake victims

2011-03-10 17:26:22

Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao will donate 200,000 yuan to earthquake victims in Southwest China’s Yunnan province, Chen told China Daily website in an exclusive interview Thursday.

Individual income tax unlikely levied on families

2011-03-10 15:34:13

China is unlikely to levy individual income tax on a family basis, but raising the tax threshold on salaries looks certain, 21st Century Business Herald reported Thursday.

Central SOEs to turn over 63b yuan to State

2011-03-10 15:29:20

China's central State-owned enterprises (SOEs) were estimated to turn over about 63 billion yuan ($9.37 billion) as capital income to the nation, the China Securities Journal reported Thursday.

Chinese billionaires fuel spike on Forbes' rich list

2011-03-10 14:29:09

The Chinese mainland almost doubled its number of billionaires from last year's 64 to 115 on Forbes' annual list of the world's richest people. The list was released Wednesday in New York.

Oil reserves equal 30 days consumption

2011-03-09 17:23:24

China's strategic oil reserve capacity is enough for one month's use, and the storage proportion of crude oil to product oil is 3:1, according to Wang Qingyun, director of the State Bureau of Material Reserve, the National Business Daily (NBD) reported Wednesday.

1.3t yuan for subsidized housing

2011-03-09 16:58:51

China will invest about 1.3 trillion yuan ($197.9 billion) this year on building or renovating 10 million affordable apartments, reported Wednesday, citing Qi Ji, vice-minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Zhang Dazhong likely to head Gome's board: report

2011-03-09 14:08:01

Gome Electrical Appliance Holdings Ltd is likely to appoint Zhang Dazhong as the new chairman of the board, reported Wednesday, citing sources close to the matter.

Social Security Funds may hit 1t yuan

2011-03-09 10:52:32

Dai Xianglong, chairman of China's National Council for Social Security Funds, said the asset of funds may reach 1 trillion yuan ($148.70 billion) by the end of this year. And it could hit 1.5 trillion yuan by 2015, Shanghai Securities News reported Wednesday.

New car rules for officials

2011-03-08 15:54:50

Officials whose rank is lower than minister or governor will not be given special cars, according to new rules to be issued to public departments.

China spends 223b yuan on civil affairs in 2010

2011-03-08 15:49:07

China's expenditure on civil affairs in 2010 reached 223.23 billion yuan ($33.99 billion), 3.1 times as much as that of 2005.

China's pledge to reduce poverty

2011-03-08 15:00:19

China is considering "raising" the poverty line this year due to the large numbers of Chinese still living in inadequate conditions, a top level official from China's poverty alleviation office told China Daily.