Land price at record high in Beijing, Shanghai

2012-11-28 13:56:03

China's property market continued to warm up as land was sold at a record high price in Beijing and Shanghai and property developers accelerated their land hoarding rate.

US keeps anti-dumping duty on China gift boxes

2012-11-28 13:51:47

The US International Trade Commission decided in a sunset (five-year) review on Tuesday to maintain the existing anti-dumping tariff on folding gift boxes from China.

Leading the way of glass futures trading

2012-11-28 13:20:40

The first glass futures highlights a crucial step in the development of China's financial derivatives, and may give the country a leg up in gaining pricing power in the world.

State Council approves cut in bank card charges

2012-11-27 10:47:07

The State Council has approved a plan to reduce bank card fees, with the rate expected to fall by 23 to 24 percent from Feb 25, 2013.

Wuliangye, ABC set up finance company

2012-11-26 14:27:59

Wuliangye Yibin Co Ltd, the listed company of Wuliangye Group Co Ltd, announced it will partner with ABC International to build a finance company.

Adoption of yuan payment declines in October

2012-11-26 14:20:17

Yuan international payments fell by 10 percent in October over the previous month, a report by SWIFT RMB Tracker showed on Monday.

China to cut death row organ transplants

2012-11-22 14:56:00

China will reduce using the organs of executed prisoners for transplants within two years, Vice-Minister of Health Huang Jiefu said on Wednesday.

Central Economic Zone Plan approved

2012-11-22 14:23:47

The State Council has officially approved the Central Economic Zone Plan to improve the development of Central China, following the closure of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, said Lu Zhangong, Party secretary of Henan province, Henan Daily reported on Wednesday.

More investors approved as QFIIs

2012-11-21 14:17:59

China's top securities regulator is speeding up the broadening of the QFII, aiming to boost the domestic capital market.

Huayi Bros subsidiary buys GDC stake

2012-11-21 14:12:08

Huayi Brothers Media Group announced one of its subsidiaries will purchase 9 percent of the issued shares of GDC Technology Ltd for $20.92 million from CAG Digital Investment Holdings Ltd.

Exporters adjusting to rising wages

2012-11-21 11:39:46

For years, the abiding view of China has been of a workshop powered by waves of young migrants able to out-compete workers elsewhere in the world because of their low wages.

China: 'bigger role in global economy'

2012-11-20 14:32:05

China will play a bigger role in the global economy in the next 10 years by increasing its share of the global gross domestic product from its current 10 percent to about 15 percent in 2020, said Goldman Sachs on Monday.