LDK Solar buys into US firm

2011-04-02 11:15:11

Chinese solar energy giant LDK Solar Co announced Friday that the company aquired 70 percent interest in US-based Solar Power Inc (SPI) for approximately $33 million.

Rising fuel prices cut into power producers' profits

2011-04-01 15:31:15

With electricity generation increasing in 2010, China's major power producers saw their profits dwindling due to rising fuel prices, the International Finance News reported Friday.

87 IPO firms raise 96b yuan in Q1

2011-04-01 15:18:36

In the first quarter of this year, 87 companies launched on Chinese mainland's A-share market through initial public offerings (IPO) and raised 96 billion yuan, the China Securities Journal reported Friday.

Chen Xiao may invest in home appliances

2011-03-31 17:34:16

Chen Xiao, the former chairman of Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd confirmed Wednesday to China Business News that he will engage in investments, but did not reveal the specific industry.

Airlines edged out by Wuhan-Nanjing trains

2011-03-31 17:07:36

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has decided to suspend all flights on the Wuhan toNanjing route from March 27, due to the successful introduction of a high-speed train, the Wuhan Evening News reported Thursday.

Education on death leads to better life

2011-03-31 16:51:02

Have you imagined what it will look like when your Judgment Day falls and you are about to bid farewell to the world? Fearful, anxious? What does death really mean?

Do young Chinese need death education?

2011-03-31 16:36:45

Everyone is afraid of death, many think. But just as the girl who wondered about death, people need knowledge about it.

After death, life continues

2011-03-31 16:34:02

Gao Min is a voluntary tissue and organ donation coordinator for the Red Cross Society of China Shenzhen Branch. Her work is to help arrange tissue and organ transplants.

Caring for life at end

2011-03-31 16:28:13

Yuan Shuping tried to sound older over the phone, yet her voice glistened with the mellowness of a 20-year-old who has been working as a rest home nurse for three years.

Luxury train to Lhasa costs $10,000 a ticket

2011-03-31 16:14:40

A luxury train from Beijing to Lhasa with a ticket price of more than $10,000 is expected to go on sale this year, according to an official with China Tibet Tourism Bureau.

Evergrande's net profits surpass Vanke

2011-03-31 15:36:45

Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd has surpassed China Vanke to become the mainland's second most profitable property developer, Securities News reported Wednesday.

Plan for industrial upgrades may be released soon

2011-03-31 15:30:33

The national plan for industrial transformation and upgrades may be submitted to the State Council for approval in the first half of this year, together with four other plans for different sectors, the China Securities Journal reported Thursday.