Tesco China to start e-commerce in Shanghai

2013-06-27 14:35:52

Tesco China announced on Wednesday that it will enter the e-commerce field with its business starting in Shanghai, yicai.com reported.

Forbidden City to restore millions of relics

2013-06-27 13:46:05

Forbidden City in Peace, a technical restoration project for relics at the Palace Museum in Beijing started on Wednesday.

Stay or leave? Question for overseas students

2013-06-26 14:26:15

Many companies in China are not allowed to recruit foreigners according to local regulations. Even those having qualifications may not choose to hire them for a number of reasons, given the complicated situation this year.

Elisa Lam’s father unhappy with autopsy

2013-06-26 13:30:53

The father of a Chinese-Canadian woman whose body was discovered in a hotel's rooftop water tank in downtown Los Angeles said he is unsatisfied with the autopsy conclusion that his daughter accidentally drowned.

Aspiring Chinese college students boost US economy

2013-06-25 15:20:52

Latest statistics have revealed that international students contribute more than $20 billion to the US economy every year, of which more than $4.4 billion comes from Chinese students. The economic benefit from foreign student education is becoming a new highlight in the US economic recovery.

Consumer spending likely to ease in 2013

2013-06-25 15:16:58

According to a survey released in Beijing by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on Monday, Chinese consumers are less optimistic about the economic outlook, and people who plan to spend more this year witness a double-digit drop from a year earlier , china.com.cn reported.

China biggest source of foreign tourists in Thailand

2013-06-25 14:12:07

Chinese tourists remain the largest group among foreigners visiting Thailand, with their number estimated to reach 3 million this year, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Chinese-language newspaper in Thailand, World Journal reported.

Foreign companies seek opportunities at Luxury China

2013-06-24 17:34:10

Looking for local partners and publicizing enterprise culture are said to be the main reasons for many international high-end brands to take part in this exhibition.

Gree denies Soleus accusations

2013-06-21 17:09:50

Chinese home appliance producer Gree Electric Appliances Inc., said its US partner Soleus has seriously distorted the facts in the latter’s recent lawsuit filed in California, which involves $150 billion in compensation, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

USITC launches patent probe into electronics makers

2013-06-21 15:24:52

US International Trade Commission (USITC) has launched a new round of patent infringement investigations into five well-known electronics manufacturers including China's ZTE Corporation.

China slams US human trafficking report

2013-06-21 13:31:56

China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday slammed a US State Department report on human trafficking and said no country in the world has the authority to grade other countries with such ratings.

Fight against online rumors

2013-06-20 21:45:21

Experts say that in the short term, refuting rumors in detail is preferred; but setting up an effective official mechanism in the long run is much more important, Beijing Evening News reported.