Ministry investigates rare earth sector consolidation

2011-06-01 17:35:09

The Ministry of Land and Resources has sent an investigation team to five southern provinces to check into rare earth sector consolidation there, Guangzhou-based 21st Century Business Herald reported Wednesday.

No dragon boat races in drought-affected area

2011-06-01 17:25:31

This year's Dragon Boat Festival will lack some of its usual festivities in Wagouzi village in Honghu city of Central China's Hubei province - they cannot hold dragon boat races as severe drought has dried up local rivers and lakes.

Private foundations get official support

2011-06-01 17:21:22

The Ministry of Civil Affairs will support private foundations by helping them with the registration, Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday, citing the Vice Minister Jiang Li.

60% of Shanghai students nearsighted

2011-06-01 17:07:09

Nearly 60 percent of primary and middle school students in Shanghai are nearsighted, Shanghai Evening Post reported on Wednesday.

China's industrial growth face challenges

2011-06-01 16:37:39

China's industrial growth may slow due to increasingly difficult conditions, reported, citing a report released Tuesday.

Henan wants to be growth engine

2011-06-01 16:20:06

Henan province is planning to develop a "Central China Economic Zone" to make itself one of the driving forces of China's economy.

China busts 100,000 for drugs in 2010

2011-06-01 15:44:01

China's anti-drug law enforcement departments cracked 89,000 cases of drug related crimes in 2010, with 101,000 suspects arrested, People's Daily said Wednesday citing a recent report.

SOEs to cut energy intensity

2011-06-01 14:09:59

China's SOEs are asked to cut their energy intensity by 16 percent during the next Five Year Plan (2011-2015), China Business News reported on Wednesday, citing the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

May CPI prospect heralds another rates hike

2011-06-01 13:49:10

Analysts believe China's inflation in May may reach 5.4 percent growth due to the increasing price of food, China Securities Journal reported on Wednesday. Some also predict a hike in interest rates in June.

Denmark eyes more Chinese investments

2011-06-01 10:47:29

Denmark hopes to attract more Chinese investors through a series of investment seminars around the country, starting Tuesday in Beijing.

Migrant population to grow to 350 million: report

2011-05-31 17:23:05

About 350 million Chinese people will travel from their hometowns to other parts of the country, according to a newly released report, China News Agency said Monday.

Aviation program to train more professionals for China

2011-05-31 15:27:23

More than 400 graduates have successfully obtained their master degree or diploma from the Aviation Safety Management Master Program (ASM Master Program). The program is run by Airbus and its European and Chinese partners.