University pays students to grade exam papers

2011-06-17 11:21:54

An investigation is underway after it was revealed a university has been paying students to grade national college entrance exam papers, Beijing Times reported.

First aid should not be delayed by fee issues

2011-06-17 11:15:30

China's emergency centers can charge service fees in accordance with the rules, but they should not refuse or delay aid over fee issues, according to a draft regulation published Thursday by the Ministry of Health.

Travelling No.1 choice for millionaires

2011-06-16 21:26:30

Travelling fell among the most frequent ways of spending for rich Chinese people. France, the United States and Australia rank as the top three international destinations.

China divorce rate 8.5% in 2010

2011-06-16 21:19:54

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2.68 million couples ended their marriage during 2010, up 8.5 percent over 2009.

Artist kneels in apology to animals

2011-06-16 17:59:16

Repeating these actions, the man who claimed to be a performance artist, Pian Shankong, said he wanted to call for animal protection through these gestures, the paper said.

Expert urges 500 yuan notes for Chinese money

2011-06-16 17:53:48

An economist calls for the design of 500 yuan ($74) notes to reduce economic losses in the circulation of China's currency RMB, the Yangcheng Evening News reported.

E-store offers medicine to cure regret

2011-06-16 17:47:47

Internet shopping websites are offering a medicine to help cure regret, Jianghuai Morning Post reported on Thursday.

Murdoch's $29m investment in Xunlei may pay off

2011-06-16 17:19:24

Nanfang Metropolitan Daily reported that Murdoch said Wednesday his family fund made a $29.4 million third-round investment in Xunlei in April. Xunlei.

Lhasa, 1st Chinese city to ban plastic bags

2011-06-16 16:55:03

As other cities in China are struggling to contain the "white pollution" caused by flying plastic bags by limiting their use, Lhasa takes one step further, by banning bags from production to sales.

China's new plan to set 30t yuan retail sales target

2011-06-16 16:16:51

China will release its first domestic trade and logistic plan for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) and set a target for total retail sales to reach 30 trillion yuan ($4.63 trillion) by 2015, Economic Information Daily reported Thursday.

China's geothermal energy market set to boom

2011-06-16 15:49:10

China will list the geothermal energy as renewable clean energy in the National 12th Five-Year Energy Plan (2011-2015), with a goal to supply heating to 350 million square meters in the next five years, which has an expected market size of around $ 10.8 billion.

Family sues over son's suicide

2011-06-16 15:19:28

A Chinese family has launched a second attempt to claim compensation following the death of their son after a court rejected their first claim last year, Beijing News reported Thursday.