Hong Kong to restrict mainland babies

2011-03-31 14:15:45

Hong Kong is considering issuing restricted immigration regulations to stem the frenzied flow of mainland women who give birth there, the Guangzhou Daily reported yesterday

Man mourns wife with large billboard

2011-03-31 13:26:25

A man set up a large advertisement-like billboard near a highway in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Sunday accusing a hospital of being responsible for the death of his wife in what seems to be his way of grieving.

Industry chain behind hacker attacks on government websites

2011-03-30 17:59:19

Two young men, Fan Dongdong and Wen Chao, who have only a junior high school education, received 18- and 12-month sentences for hacking into the website of the country's Supreme People's Procuratorate - the top agency for legal supervision - and more than a dozen other government websites.

Beijing to curb new home prices

2011-03-30 16:44:55

The Beijing municipal government pledged to keep new home prices steady or even lower them this year in response to the Central Government's call to keep housing prices in check, local and international media outlets reported Wednesday.
Shanghai sets target for home-price rise

Men jailed for illegal texts

2011-03-30 16:20:28

Four men were sentenced to 13 to 18 months in prison for sending millions of text messages in the first case of its kind.

95-year-old netizen enjoys surfing online

2011-03-30 14:02:00

Qin Faxiu, a 95-year-old retiree in Wuhan of Hubei province, is living proof that age doesn’t matter in the Internet world, Wuhan Evening News reported Wednesday.

Helping females get ahead

2011-03-29 19:09:09

Special classes designed to help females get ahead will be given to high school students in Guangdong province under a pilot program.

9 dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in Shanxi

2011-03-29 16:45:54

Nine people died from carbon monoxide poisoning about 1:30 pm on March 29, 2011, in Jiexiu, Shanxi province. Eight people were hospitalized.

Shanghai sets home prices controlling target at 8%

2011-03-29 16:26:11

Shanghai officials announced Monday that the price increase for newly-built homes in 2011 should be smaller than the increase in the city's annual economic growth or the local residents' incomes, the financial website Caijing.com.cn reported Tuesday.

Tickets on sale for Horticultural Exposition

2011-03-28 17:12:48

Tickets for the 2011 International Horticultural Exposition, which will be held in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, on April 28, were put up for sale to foreign tourists on Friday.

Father picks up daughter by unauthorized chopper

2011-03-26 15:16:26

A helicopter landed at Dezhou University, Shandong province to pick up a female student on March 19, 2011, stirring an online sensation.

Universiade program unveiled in Shenzhen

2011-03-25 17:24:47

A record 24 sports including 306 events will be held at 41 venues in the upcoming 26th Shenzhen Universiade to be held in China in August.