RMB at record high of 6.2670 against dollar

2012-05-02 16:05:53

The exchange rate for the renminbi reached a new high against the US dollar on Wednesday, hitting 6.2670.

China, Korea start FTA negotiations

2012-05-02 15:39:28

Commercial ministers from China and the Republic of Korea jointly announced the launch of free trade association talks on Wednesday in Beijing.

Bright Food Group denies Weetabix bid

2012-05-02 15:27:05

Bright Food Group Co Ltd, a leading Chinese food producer, denied media reports saying it plans to acquire British cereals maker Weetabix Ltd.

Last famous Flying Tiger on mainland dies at 92

2012-05-02 14:05:04

The last remaining heroic pilot of the famed Flying Tigers who lived on mainland China died on April 29 at the age of 92.

Poor gamble as lottery lures low income workers

2012-05-02 11:21:46

Low income workers are the biggest group of people who buy lottery tickets, a survey conducted by Beijing News reports.

Beijing leads China charity ranking

2012-04-28 14:42:15

The ancient Chinese capital is home to the largest number of companies that are most generously involved in China's philanthropic undertakings, Philanthropic Times reported Saturday.

No cap on UK visas for Chinese during Olympics

2012-04-28 13:29:10

The British government will not set a cap on the number of visitor visas issued to Chinese tourists during the London Olympics period, China Youth Daily reported Saturday quoting Damian Green.

China's young migrant workers losing farming skills

2012-04-28 13:27:52

China's migrant workers increased to 250 million in 2011, with a growing average monthly income of 2,049 yuan ($304).

Micro-blog 'rumor' cancels student results

2012-04-28 11:29:36

The test results of four students were canceled as they were assumed to have spread rumors on micro blogs declaring disorder in the exam room in South China's Guangdong province, China Youth Daily reported on Saturday.

Allen Iverson hopes to play in China

2012-04-28 11:21:23

Following in his arch rival Stephon Marbury's footsteps, former NBA superstar Allen Iverson is seriously considering joining the Chinese basketball market.

Chinese employees work 8.66h daily: survey

2012-04-28 11:02:53

Chinese employees work 8.66 hours daily on average and spend 0.96 in transit, according to a newly released survey.

China to boost number of social workers

2012-04-26 21:43:25

China plans to strengthen its army of social workers by creating 1.45 million jobs by the end of 2020.