County funds 300,000 yuan for CEOs' education

2011-03-25 16:14:09

The government of Wuwei county in East China's Anhui province paid 300,000 yuan for 43 cable factory CEOs to receive one-week of study at China's elite Tsinghua University in Beijing earlier this month, sparking a storm of controversy.

China to raise resource tax on rare earth exports

2011-03-25 15:34:42

China will increase the resource tax on rare earth exports next month to a level 10 times higher than current standard, Shanghai Securities News reported Friday.

Peking University clamps down on radical thought

2011-03-25 13:58:34

China's prestigious Peking University is planning to enforce screening all its students for "radical thoughts," raising concerns that a lack of free thinking will stifle students in a place famed for open discussions.

Nanjing radiation levels posted on micro blog

2011-03-25 13:35:03

A man, who lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, began posting on his micro blog the daily results of his radiation level tests in Nanjing starting March 17, after he read about the radiation leakage at Fukushima in Japan.

Designing Shenzhen's future

2011-03-25 10:56:04

The government of Shenzhen has asked the public to design an official logo for the city.

New dress code for Olympic hopefuls

2011-03-24 19:10:28

A new mandatory rule announced by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) recently required all female players to wear standardized skirt or dress in top-ranking tournaments like the Grand Prix and super series in a bid to make the sport and players' appearance more attractive.

The plight of China's rare earth mining

2011-03-24 19:04:11

Deep in what locals call Gengbei Mountain in Beitou township, Quannan county in Ganzhou, dozens of people were busy at work on Feb 18 at a mining spot, which was ordered closed by the local government in 2009 due to its contamination of a river and the consequent protests by locals.

NetEase launches pig breeding project

2011-03-24 17:02:36

The Chinese Internet company Inc announced Wednesday it will launch a 1,200-mu (80-hectare) pig farm in Anji county of eastern China's Zhejiang province, China Business News reported.

Chilean copper export shifted to China

2011-03-24 16:54:28

Chile, the world's largest copper producer, has to sell its copper concentrate to China despite plans to sell it to Japan, China Business News reported Thursday.

Lead futures set benchmark at 18,350 per ton

2011-03-24 16:14:05

Lead futures were listed on the Shanghai Futures Exchange Thursday. The bench mark price of the seven contracts on the first day was 18,350 yuan per ton, Securities Times reported.

Monopoly of iron ore may be broken by 2015

2011-03-24 13:11:38

Three mining companies dominate the iron ore industry. But that monopoly may be broken within four years, and China's dependence on imports may decline to 42 percent, Shanghai Securities News reported Thursday.

China should expedite safer nuclear plants

2011-03-24 11:00:22

China needs to expedite the development of its third generation nuclear power plants after the devastating Japan earthquake sparked fears around the world.