Railway system reform under way

2012-01-18 16:05:33

The central government approved railway courts to be removed from the Ministry of Railways, said Cao Jianming, chief of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate.

Man bites off daughter's fingers while drunk

2012-01-18 15:37:10

A two-year-old girl nicknamed Leilei lost two fingers of her left hand when her father, Wang Ai, bit them off while drunk.

Free education expands to 15 years in Tibet

2012-01-17 17:15:19

Children in the Tibet autonomous region will get free preschool education starting this fall.

More Chinese travel to ROK for beauty

2012-01-17 17:10:51

The South Korean Embassy in Beijing announced on Monday that 1,073 visas for medical tourism were issued in 2011, a 386 percent increase from a year earlier.

First private think tank wins approval

2012-01-17 10:36:01

A province in southChinahas approved the first registered private think thank to help advise officials on key issues.

Moutai ranked fourth most valuable label

2012-01-12 17:43:36

Maotai, China's national liquor served at official occasions and state banquets, has been ranked fourth in a top ten of the world’s most valuable labels.

Law shows more concern for work hazards

2012-01-10 13:00:00

A series of work diseases such as mouse hand, tech neck and death from stress are all included in a National Occupational Disease Prevention Law Amendment, the Chengdu Daily reported Tuesday.

Customer shot in head during bank robbery

2012-01-06 17:18:38

A customer has been shot in the head and robbed of 300,000 yuan ($47,569) during a daylight village bank heist, Xinhua news agency reports.

New Year housing sales drop 60% in Beijing

2012-01-04 15:14:19

A total of 570 houses were sold in Beijing during the three-day New Year holiday, a 60 percent drop compared with the same period last year.

Survey reveals misery of migrant workers

2011-12-31 16:21:35

About 70 percent of the migrant workers consider their life as merely acceptable, with many of the younger generation feeling no happiness, Beijing News reported.

Online train ticket booking system bugged

2011-12-30 16:07:16

Hundreds of people failed to get their train tickets through the newly launched online train ticketing service after paying the money.

Dairy makers to hike milk price

2011-12-29 19:07:12

China’s three main milk producers will raise the price of some dairy products by as much as 10 percent, Beijing Times reports.