Who will you tolerate today?

2011-11-16 14:41:53

Nov 16 marks the International Day for Tolerance, an annual observance declared by UNESCO in 1995 to generate public awareness about the need for tolerance in society.

Police seize 1,612 guns, arrest 84

2011-11-16 10:41:57

An illegal gun trafficking network has been smashed by police who seized 1,612 firearms and 5,378 imitation weapons, China News Service reports.

Students sell ova in black market

2011-11-14 22:03:54

Black markets of female ova are being operated by agencies in Beijing. They target girl students from famous universities and pay tens of thousands of yuan,the Beijing News reported Monday.

Special: Singles Day of the Century

2011-11-11 16:45:08

It’s difficult to find anyone who thinks November 11 is a big day in China.

Veterans get help with life after service

2011-11-11 10:30:12

LHASA - The People’s Liberation Army in Tibet autonomous region set up a special troop to help veterans reintegrate into society

Wasps kill student in South China

2011-11-09 10:38:59

Sixteen students were attacked by a swarm of wasps on Tuesday, in Fenghuang township, South China's Guangxi province, xinhuanet.com reported.

Sina Weibo users soar to 250m

2011-11-09 10:23:11

More than 250 million Internet users have registered on Sina Weibo, China's twitter-style Internet service.

Musician Gao Xiaosong released from jail

2011-11-08 17:59:00

China's Got Talent judge Gao Xiaosong has been released from jail after serving 184 days for a drunken crash that caused a four vehicle pile-up.

'Crazy English' wife posts new abuse photos

2011-11-08 13:26:17

The American wife of China's most renowned English teacher has once again given a lesson in domestic violence by posting a new photo of injuries.

College pass rate hits 86% as applicants decrease

2011-11-07 17:04:15

The college acceptance rate in Beijing rose to a record high of 86 percent this year as the number of applicants in the capital decreased for the fifth consecutive year, Beijing Daily reported citing the city’s Municipal Commission of Education.

More than a million men sterile in China

2011-11-07 15:20:14

At least a million men in China have fertility problems, the Beijing Times reported on Monday.

Statue of Soong Ching Ling towers in controversy

2011-11-07 13:22:09

A 24-meter tall stone statue of one of the most prominent women in China's modern history has become embroiled in controversy after the foundation responsible for the construction reportedly denied it resembled Soong Ching Ling.