40 developers trapped in 600b yuan debt

2011-03-21 16:58:54

Forty Chinese property developers have more than 600 billion yuan in combined debt, Guangzhou Daily reported on Monday.

Ronaldo set to appear at Chinese league opener

2011-03-21 16:58:44

The Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club, host of the 2011 CSL is planning an unparalleled splendid opening gala with the grandest stars including a line-up of Brazil's former football star Ronaldo, mainland entertainers Fan Bingbing, Han Hong and Sun Nan and Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi of the Twins Band.

Soaring rubber prices drive tire costs

2011-03-21 14:28:08

The price of natural rubber in China is driving an increase in tire prices, International Finance News reported Monday.

Shanghai investors still interested in Japan property market

2011-03-18 14:31:37

While Japan is suffering from the devastating earthquake, Shanghai's investors are still interested in the Japanese property market.

Solar power favored after nuclear leakage in Japan

2011-03-17 17:32:38

Nuclear leakage in Japan triggered hikes in the solar and wind energy sectors on the domestic secondary stock market Wednesday. 

Fears over radiation-contaminated salt dismissed

2011-03-17 11:02:59

Guangdong province has confirmed it has sufficient supplies of salt in a bid to calm anxieties and panic shopping linked to the growing nuclear crisis in Japan, a spokesman for the provincial salt administration Thursday in an interview with the Yangtze Evening Post.

Steel mills raise oriented silicon steel prices

2011-03-16 17:22:15

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd (Baosteel) released its steel price policy for April on Tuesday, raising the price of oriented electrical steel by 1,000 yuan per ton. Baosteel says prices for other steel products remained the same, and it also gives discounts of 100 to 200 yuan to some of the general cold and galvanized products, the Oriental Morning Post reported Wednesday.

China may raise quota on foreign exchange purchases

2011-03-15 14:49:52

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) may increase its annual quota on individuals' foreign exchange purchases from $50,000 to $200,000, the Economic Information Daily reported Tuesday.

No change in Beijing's hukou system

2011-03-15 13:22:57

Beijing will stick to its household registration, or hukou system, due to the current state of the booming population.

2nd batch of rare earth export quotas to be announced in 2011

2011-03-14 16:04:12

Commerce Minister Chen Deming said China will announce this year's second batch of export quotas for rare earths, but he did not give the exact figure, China Security News reported on Monday. 

Energy development plan to be fixed by March

2011-03-14 15:16:59

China's energy development strategy for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) will focus on a structural adjustment of its energy resources, China Securities News reported Monday, citing a top official at the National Energy Administration (NEA).

Ministries urge land and home price curbs

2011-03-11 15:28:44

China reiterated its stance on cooling down the nation's property market, and two ministries urged local governments to further fulfill the central government's home prices curbing policies, various Chinese media reported Friday.