CDB to pilot on asset securitization program

2012-09-05 17:40:51

A financial product for a credit asset securitization pilot program is on schedule to be issued on Friday, an announcement from China Development Bank said.

NVC founder strikes back

2012-09-05 16:53:18

Wu Changjiang, founder and former chairman of NVC Lighting Technology Corp, will return to the company and lead a temporary commission.

Owens Corning's China center opens

2012-09-05 16:51:18

Owens Corning's China Composites Center started its operations in Shanghai on Sept 4.

High-end housing sales rebound

2012-09-05 16:20:45

The sales of high-end property saw a strong rebound in the first eight months of the year, data from Centaline Group's Beijing branch showed on Wednesday.

Fitch: Chinese banks' balance sheet growth a concern

2012-09-05 16:11:04

The rapid first-half expansion of Chinese banks' balance sheets amid a deteriorating operating environment is a concern, Fitch Ratings said.

Liu Xiang to walk in early October

2012-09-05 15:55:59

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang is expected to walk without assistance in early October, Chinese paper Shanghai Morning Post reported.

Lucky Film ends color film production

2012-09-05 15:53:43

China Lucky Film Corp said on Tuesday that it will stop production of color film products due to a sharp decrease in demand in recent years.

Charity denies buying luxury car with donations

2012-09-04 21:45:20

A children's welfare institute in East China has denied that it used public donations to buy a luxury Mercedes-Benz to please officials.

China has 12.6 million migrant children

2012-09-04 17:18:51

More than 12 million school-age children of migrant workers live with their parents who work outside their hometowns, Beijing News reported.

Foreign academics wanted in Shanxi province

2012-09-04 16:34:30

Universities in Shanxi province are being allowed to establish special posts to attract distinguished visiting professors from abroad, the province’s education department told China Daily.

Mobile healthcare promising in China: report

2012-09-04 16:10:38

Widespread adoption of mobile technology in healthcare in China is now viewed as inevitable by 80 percent of doctors and healthcare payers.

Beijing to see the fastest office rental growth

2012-09-04 16:08:15

Beijing will see the fastest office rental growth this year and in the next five years, with rents expected to surpass Shanghai in 2013.