Private capital OK'd for power industry

2012-06-19 13:57:10

China will encourage private capital participation in the power industry, an area previously the preserve of State-owned companies.

Space economy to boom in China

2012-06-18 16:39:26

The successful launch of the Shenzhou Ⅸ spacecraft indicates China’s economic infrastructure and technology have made great progress and the country is ready to explore aerospace economy, reported Economic Information Daily on Monday.

China wins intangible power race

2012-06-18 16:27:19

China ranks top among emerging economies in exercising intangible power, according to the soft power index report released by consulting firm Ernst & Young.

Housing sale prices drop in most cities

2012-06-18 15:36:24

Residential housing sale prices dropped in the majority of Chinese cities in May, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed.

Listed firms turn to pig breeding

2012-06-15 18:16:35

Many listed companies are eyeing pig breeding industry as pork prices keep rising and earlier harsh market conditions forced many individual pig farmers out of the scene, reported Securities Daily on Friday.

China to further encourage software exports

2012-06-15 16:05:30

China's software exports were at $14.34 billion in 2011, and the government is likely to implement more policies to encourage the development of the software outsourcing business.

Baidu, Apple to share ad sales

2012-06-15 15:47:18

Baidu Inc said on Thursday that Apple Inc will be entitled to a share of its advertising sales because it added the Chinese company's search service to its newest operating system.

New move to finance overseas operations

2012-06-15 15:17:48

China is broadening channels available for domestic companies to finance their overseas operations to facilitate outbound investment, local media reported on Friday.

New licenses issued for 7 qualified QFII

2012-06-15 15:07:14

The China Securities Regulatory Commission granted new licenses for seven qualified foreign institutional investors in May, signaling the faster opening up of the financial market.

Graduation tours are looking good

2012-06-14 17:38:27

There is now a booming travel and tourism market that has been dubbed the “College Entrance Examination economy."

Ikea partners with Chinese solar energy company

2012-06-14 17:09:11

Ikea said that it will partner with Hanergy Holding Group to install solar photovoltaic panels on all Ikea-owned buildings in China over the next three years.

Joint venture bank to open in July in Shanghai

2012-06-13 16:32:16

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Silicon Valley Bank will start operating their joint venture bank in China in July at the earliest.