Tackling corruption will be a long game

2011-03-23 19:04:58

Tackling corruption will be an enduring and lasting task for Chinese football and other sports, a high-ranking official said during a Chinese Football Association (CFA) meeting.

China to boost home trade market in next 5 yrs

2011-03-23 16:01:43

China plans to double its domestic commerce indicator in the next five years, said Yao Jian, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, at a news conference on Tuesday, the Shanghai Securities News reported.

First female Taoist abbot recruits graduates

2011-03-23 15:38:50

Chinese first female Taoist abbot has recruited eight undergraduate and graduate students as her disciples for Taoism culture communication in Changchun Taoist Temple in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province.

China approves coal emergency reserve plan

2011-03-23 15:38:22

China's first coal emergency storage proposal has been approved by the State Council, and the first batch of reserve has been set at five million tons, the Shanghai Securities News reported Wednesday, citing information from the China National Coal Association.

Artprice: China's art auction revenue ranks No 1

2011-03-23 15:32:05

Only a week after a British survey said China had become the world's second-largest art market (just after the United States), Artprice, the world leader in art market information, said on March 21 that the country is now the number 1 in terms of fine art auction revenues.

Pig farmers using garbage as feed

2011-03-23 15:27:47

Dozens of farming families, living around the garbage landfills in Shuige village in Nanjing's Jiangning district, East China's Jiangsu province, have been making their living by raising pigs with garbage collected from the landfills.

China to encourage dividend distribution

2011-03-23 15:16:20

China's watchdogs are considering new rules to encourage listed companies to share active profits with their shareholders, China Securities Journal reported Wednesday.

Smoking banned in indoor public places

2011-03-23 13:38:28

The Ministry of Health has updated some public health management rules, which now ban smoking in indoor public places.

Couple fights to escape custody of son

2011-03-23 13:33:38

A couple who filed for divorce in Shunyi District People's Court in Beijing is trying to outbid each other to avoid getting custody of their 4-year-old son.

Official returns 9,000 yuan in bribes

2011-03-23 13:18:44

An official has returned 9,000 yuan ($1,338) he was given in bribes and posted the details online, the Yangtze Evening News reported today.

Travelers in C China to get sleeper car discounts

2011-03-23 13:14:16

Tickets for sleeper car trains to and from Zhengzhou railway station between March 25 and June 30 will get differentiated discounts of up to 50% based on distance

Beijing residents get water-saving tools

2011-03-22 19:47:30

Beijing handed out water-saving devices to residents for free on Monday, a day ahead of World Water Day, in a bid to promote awareness of the need to conserve water, Beijing Times reported Tuesday.