Central region opening up

2011-09-27 09:25:21

China will further open up its central region to foreign investments, a senior central government officials said.

Rising prices cut into incomes

2011-09-27 09:22:41

People move into gold, diamonds and other commodities to protect savings from ravages of inflation.

Debt crisis impacts Chinese policies

2011-09-26 10:43:33

Chinese policymakers to tailor macro measures to better manage inflation complicated as the euro-zone's debt woes escalate.

China faces price rises in short term

2011-09-26 10:18:26

China faces pressure of price rises and capital inflows in the short term while its economic outlook remains positive.

Europe warned over its debt crisis

2011-09-26 09:20:38

China urged Europe to get to grips with its debt crisis before it risks causing bank runs and pushing the global economy into recession.

The 1st evaluation report on SCO

2011-09-26 09:19:21

China issued its first evaluation report on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization reviewing its development since it was established 10 years ago.

'Debt crises offer chances'

2011-09-24 07:54:02

XI'AN - As Europe's debt crises further shake the global market, a top Chinese official on Friday called for European and Asian countries to focus more on opportunities to handle the tough times.

Eco-cities are the key to conservation, say experts

2011-09-24 07:54:02

TIANJIN - Ecological city planning and construction will play a crucial role in energy saving and emission reduction as well as low-carbon industry, as half of the global population live in cities that use 70 percent of the world's energy.

Experts urge caution in Eurozone aid bids

2011-09-24 07:51:08

China can only provide limited help to Europe in coping with its debt crisis, by continuing to invest in the region, Yi Gang, China's foreign exchange chief, said amid economists' warning that the country needs to be cautious in offering a helping hand.

BRICS hint at funds to fight new debt crises

2011-09-24 07:51:08

WASHINGTON - Major emerging nations on Thursday said they may lend money to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or other global financial bodies to increase their firepower for fighting financial crises.

Shanghai-based trade body calls for more engagement

2011-09-24 07:51:08

WASHINGTON - If the United States wants to revitalize its economy and create more jobs, policymakers should focus on increasing the competitiveness of US exports to China.

China, India to host strategic economic dialogue

2011-09-23 17:36:46

China and India will hold the first round of a bilateral strategic economic dialogue on Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei announced at a regular press conference here on Sept 23.