Miner sets up own PE fund

2011-11-09 07:55:05

ECE has launched a $157.5 million private equity fund with Power Capital Co Ltd.

Foreign vineyards eager to tap growing Chinese market

2011-11-08 07:54:31

As growth slows in their traditional markets, wine makers from around the world are eager to tap demand in China.

Real estate meltdown fears

2011-11-08 09:00:18

Government's tightening policies result in downturn for the industry.

Chinese tourists to reshape global travel industry: Report

2011-11-08 10:08:24

The continued growth in Chinese outbound and domestic travel would change the global hospitality industry.

Govt urged to open up crude oil import market

2011-11-07 07:51:31

Some of the China's private-held oil firms are clamoring for the relaxation of the tight government control of crude oil imports to alleviate the widespread chronic diesel shortfalls.

People with a nose for profits look to red wine

2011-11-07 07:50:07

Drinking and investing in red wine in China is booming but experts say those who want to make money from it should take a long-term view.

Wenzhou credit crisis eases up

2011-11-07 07:51:31

Wenzhou's credit crisis is under control and some of its closed enterprises have recovered operation.

Less financial bubbles in Q3

2011-11-07 09:17:48

The decline in China's social financing in Q3 suggests less financial bubbles and better financial order.

Global investment still active in mining industry

2011-11-07 07:51:31

China's investment in the mining industry increased 27.9% from a year earlier to $409.9 billion in Q1-Q3.

Healthy outlook for medical tourists

2011-11-07 07:50:25

Wealthy people increasingly opting to travel for quality and greater privacy.

Economic boom leads to cultural revival

2011-11-05 14:42:17

China's rapid economic development is likely to lead to a revival of its culture, said World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin.

Home price-cuts get steeper

2011-11-05 17:32:47

Just like what China's millions of homebuyers have long expected, a nationwide price cut in new home sales has finally begun.