Sino-Russia power line to supply China's demand

2011-11-16 10:42:59

Tests will start in December on a mammoth Sino-Russia power line, expected to accommodate China's surging demands for energy.

International board is 'ready'

2011-11-15 07:55:39

Foreign companies are queuing up to trade stocks in Chinese market.

Drug firms face monopoly fines

2011-11-15 07:55:05

The NDRC said it would impose large fines on two domestic drug companies for monopoly pricing, the first heavy anti-monopoly penalty in China.

IMF: China's financial system stable

2011-11-15 13:37:15

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Tuesday that China’s financial system is stable and sound.

Expat executives pleased with pay, work, study finds

2011-11-15 07:55:05

Seventy percent of senior foreign executives in China find their pay has become more globally competitive.

Leaders call for open trade

2011-11-15 07:56:05

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit drew to a close in Hawaii, leaders pledged to promote "trade liberalization" and support clean energy.

SMEs look for leaders to restore confidence

2011-11-14 08:00:34

Chinese executives have urged Asia-Pacific leaders to do more to restore market confidence and help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Retail sales on the rise in the US

2011-11-14 07:54:11

Retail sales probably rose in October and the United States manufacturing accelerated.

RMB no solution to US trade deficit

2011-11-14 09:49:46

The Chinese currency's exchange rate is at a basically reasonable level and adjusting the rate can't solve the US trade deficit with China.

China to head towards mild growth

2011-11-14 09:20:10

Economists projected the country to experience a lower pace of growth over the next few years.

Protectionism warned in solar panel sector

2011-11-14 09:56:29

Chinese officials warned of rising international protectionism in the solar panel sector.

Lenovo set to boost online sales

2011-11-12 08:40:43

BEIJING - Online commerce will become Lenovo Group's core sales channel on the Chinese mainland over the next three to five years, as the world's second-largest manufacturer of personal computers (PC) by market share begins to target the youth market, said a senior company executive.