Equities slide on Chinese mainland

2011-12-22 07:42:45

Stocks on the Chinese mainland fell for a third day after banks hoarded cash to meet year-end reserve-ratio requirements.

Oil spill response network set to open

2011-12-21 07:52:27

'Inefficient' system to be improved as offshore exploration expands.

Toy orders plunge in export city

2011-12-21 09:33:13

Most of the toy businesses in Shenzhen have seen 20-30-percent drops in overseas orders this year.

Subway expansion enables flight to suburbs

2011-12-21 08:04:19

About an hour's drive from downtown Shanghai, a real estate developer is making a push to lure buyers to a project romantically named Milano Palace.

Allergens to be listed on food labels

2011-12-21 08:02:32

Starting in April, all manufacturers of prepackaged food will have to clarify substances that can cause allergies.

US tariffs on Chinese goods illegal

2011-12-21 07:52:27

Law doesn't let the Commerce Department levy duties on goods from nations that lack a market to set prices.

Property sales see further declines in East China

2011-12-21 09:14:31

Commercial property sales in Zhejiang province has seen further declines as the property sector continues to cool off with no signs of loosening of tightening measures.

Economic growth seen slowing down in 2012

2011-12-20 08:03:25

Investment banks, economists and analysts have pessimistic forecasts for the Chinese economy.

Farm produce prices rise, producer goods fall

2011-12-20 14:50:51

The Ministry of Commerce said Tuesday that the country's farm produce prices continued to rise last week while producer goods prices fell.

Farmers begin to gradually sow the seeds of change

2011-12-20 08:07:45

Foreign products taking root among growers of greenhouse vegetables, Wang Ximin and Zhao Huanxin report from Shandong province.

Emerging markets crucial for shipping firms

2011-12-20 08:04:36

As the world's advanced economies continue to show signs of contraction, China Shipping (Group) Co (CSG), has decided to navigate into the emerging markets to offset thinning orders and seek even larger earnings.

Car companies weigh response to new tariffs

2011-12-20 08:04:36

China's new two-year anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tariffs on cars imported from the United States are not expected to have a great impact on the automobile industry.