Ministry 'ready' to face rare earth push

2012-02-01 07:12:24

WTO ruling is likely to unleash global calls to loosen export curbs.

PMI rises to 50.5% in January

2012-02-01 09:35:42

China's Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), a preliminary readout of the country's manufacturing activity, rose to 50.5 percent in January of 2012.

Slower rate for nuclear approvals

2012-02-01 07:52:44

The nation will restart projects soon, however, numbers are set to be reduced.

Multinationals keen to recruit Chinese execs

2012-02-01 07:52:44

Multinational corporations is enthusiastic to recruite China-educated business professionals.

CSIC looks to harness wind power

2012-02-01 07:53:25

Shipbuilder expands operations to weather industry downturn

Sany builds path to growth

2012-02-01 07:52:44

Machine giants boost M&A to find alternatives to weakening local conditions

Wen: Government debt safe, controllable

2012-01-31 09:15:54

Funding for key projects would be ensured and steps would be taken to gradually digest the risks.

Import duties to cause US job losses

2012-01-31 10:01:15

A US solar industry group warned that more than 60,000 US jobs could be lost if duties on Chinese solar cells were imposed.

Fall in long-term loans hurts economy

2012-01-31 09:20:11

The economic slowdown in the first quarter probably will be better than our prediction, and the rebound spurred by policies in the second quarter may not be that obvious

Shanghai to become yuan center

2012-01-31 09:12:09

A new plan aims to turn Shanghai into the global financial hub.

New QFII tax rules set to be published

2012-01-31 09:18:01

Draft rules concerning the imposition of capital gains taxes on foreign qualified institutional investors (QFIIs) are ready to be published

Sino-US trade tensions may increase

2012-01-30 09:38:52

Trade tensions between China and the US may be exacerbated by the global financial outlook.