Trade tensions may increase: economists

2012-01-30 07:44:43

We must pay close attention to growing trade tensions between China and the US

Call to adjust interest rates

2012-01-30 07:26:01

It is time for the government to consider fairer distribution between banks and people.

Property tax cools high-end housing market

2012-01-30 10:01:43

On 28 January last year, Chongqing launched a long-await trial property tax to cool the red-hot housing market and curb the skyrocketing housing prices. One year after the implementation of the trial tax, the effect is obvious.

Converting food waste is not a rubbish idea

2012-01-30 09:57:08

Leftovers can be easily transformed into fertilizer, animal feed and energy. Some companies are working on technologies to generate electricity with rubbish. Others plan to turn food scraps into fertilizer or animal feed.

Online rail ticket site 'hacked'

2012-01-30 09:49:01

The difficulty of securing a train ticket online during the Spring Festival has prompted hackers to write computer programs that break into booking sites.

Real estate down under proving to be very attractive

2012-01-30 09:47:11

Chinese investors are showing an increasingly high level of interest in the Australian property market. Chinese developers were responsible for 9 percent of the 30 percent share foreign developers took in the Australia apartment market last year.

Home appliance sales cool off

2012-01-30 09:40:27

The expiry of the home appliance replacement program at the end of 2011 did as was expected and cooled down the electrical equipment market.

Shanghai boosts innovation, restructuring

2012-01-30 09:36:24

Shanghai's development from a manufacturing base into a services center is a natural move for the cosmopolitan city, which has always harbored ambitions to rival New York and London as a global financial hub.

Real estate funds expected to rise

2012-01-30 09:21:50

Major developers such as China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd and Gemdale Corp are among the first firms to have launched their own funds.

Top auditor warns of fiscal, financial risks

2012-01-29 10:24:28

China's top auditor has warned of potential risks in the fiscal and financial sectors.

Navigating web of connections in China

2012-01-29 10:54:23

With PPF Group, communicating with governments is Kolesar's main job, a task fraught with difficulties for a foreigner.

Where the iPhone work went

2012-01-29 09:38:51

Almost all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads and 59 million other products Apple sold last year were manufactured in other countries.