Domestic auto sector makes big impact

2012-02-13 09:56:26

Brilliant sales in the car market of China last year helped General Motors, Volkswagen and the Renault-Nissan Alliance outperform Toyota to become the top three global carmakers.

Direct purchase gives more profits

2012-02-13 09:29:04

For Zhang Youhai, a 33-year-old pomelo grower in Meizhou, Guangdong province, his happiest memory of 2011 was having all his produce sold through the farmer-supermarket direct purchase program at an early negotiated price.

Valentine's Day 'will boost business'

2012-02-13 09:30:36

Businesses in China are expecting a new boost after the New Year and Chinese Spring Festival spending frenzies thanks to the forthcoming Valentine's Day.

US to continue probes into wind tower imports

2012-02-11 12:59:05

A US federal trade panel determined Friday the US wind tower industry was "materially injured" by imports from China and Vietnam.

Cross-province effort to build economic hub

2012-02-11 08:10:27

More than 90 million people will benefit from business cooperation by Hubei, Jiangxi and Hunan provinces.

Boeing calls for Sino-US efforts

2012-02-11 07:56:11

The US should form a united front with China to combat European Union carbon-emission taxes.

Decrease in lending adds concerns

2012-02-11 07:56:11

Concerns over market liquidity have become more acute after banks lent less than expected in January.

China to expand government procurement program

2012-02-11 09:12:03

China will try to expand the scope and scale of its government procurement program and continue to push for reforms in the area this year, China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Friday.

Guangdong gets tough on economic crime

2012-02-11 08:10:27

The Guangdong provincial government has mapped out a plan to crack down on economic crimes including monopolizing, counterfeiting and commercial bribery, officials said at a conference in the provincial capital on Thursday.

Activists hope to thwart IPO bid

2012-02-11 08:10:27

A pharmaceutical company in Fujian province that makes medicines from bear bile has again been targeted by animal rights activists as it makes a second attempt to become publicly listed.

Yuan hits new high ahead of Xi's visit

2012-02-11 08:09:39

The yuan rose to an 18-year-high on Friday, climbing as Xi Jinping prepares his trip to the US.

Manufacturing hubs's profit ebbs

2012-02-11 09:05:56

Rising costs, the renminbi's appreciation, and weak external demand for China-made goods have dented industrial profits in South China's manufacturing hubs of Guangdong and Zhejiang, data released Friday showed.