China calls for transparency

2012-03-07 13:25:26

China hopes that the newly-established US federal agency will operate transparently.

Rebalancing China's economy

2012-03-07 13:23:29

As China rebalances its economy, it will contribute more to the global demand.

Chinese regulator plans reforms

2012-03-07 11:21:21

The China Securities Regulatory Commission is considering starting reforms on rules governing sponsors of initial public offerings.

Chinese farm produce prices drops

2012-03-07 11:28:56

China's farm produce prices mostly dropped for the week ending March 4 from the previous week.

China leads world in power generation

2012-03-07 11:12:26

China has taken a lead in power generation by producing a total of 4.8 terawatts of electricity.

Guangdong to look inward for growth

2012-03-07 07:52:28

Guangdong province won't rely heavily on the overseas market for growth this year.

Official calls for reforms

2012-03-07 07:52:28

The government should adopt more effective budget controls and further reduce taxes.

'Political reasons' for US support

2012-03-07 07:52:28

The bill would keep in place the countervailing duties that are charged on goods imported from China.

China to step up debt management

2012-03-07 10:28:22

China will take measures to enhance its management of the country's local government debt.

Advisor calls for boosting real economy

2012-03-07 10:15:35

A political advisor called for better development of China's real economy.

Minister pledges education support

2012-03-07 10:12:24

Minister of Finance Xie Xuren said governments have made efforts to ensure that educational spending accounts for 4 percent of the GDP in their budgets for this year.

Five Chinese listed on Hurun list

2012-03-07 09:54:45

Eighty-three individuals worldwide with personal fortunes totaling $10 billion or more have been listed on the Hurun Global Rich List 2012.