Investor concerns push stock prices down

2011-07-26 11:10:44

Railway company stocks plunged in a panic selling amid investor concerns that train crash may trigger a substantial slowdown in rail investment.

PBOC will not drain funds via 28-day repos

2011-07-26 09:59:46

China's central bank will not drain funds from the money markets through 28-day bond repurchase agreements on Tuesday, traders said.

Equities sink after news of railway collision

2011-07-26 09:54:49

Stocks on the Chinese mainland fell the most in two months as railway shares plunged after a deadly bullet-train accident, while the political stalemate over the US debt limit boosted concern that the world's biggest economy will default.

Pre-IPO image polishing needed

2011-07-26 09:14:00

Chinese companies listing overseas are expected to seek to improve their image to shake off the credibility crisis in the US stock market.

'Green house' plan to improve garbage disposal

2011-07-26 13:39:27

Huang Xiaoshan, an environmental activist, has decided to invest in and open a garbage sorting station that he will call "the green house".

ECM deals riskier for banks

2011-07-26 13:22:43

Haitong Securities has become the latest underwriter to be left holding a big portion of a public share placement in China's domestic market, highlighting the risks bookrunners face in increasingly difficult conditions.

Five sentenced for tainting pork

2011-07-26 11:41:40

Five people convicted of illegally dealing in and producing clenbuterol, a poisonous chemical known in China as lean meat powder, received punishments on Monday that included a suspended death penalty.

Poland hopeful for cooperation

2011-07-26 10:46:33

Experts say a failed highway project must not discourage future opportunities in Europe

Tough sentences for tainted pork scandal

2011-07-26 10:42:31

A Chinese court on Monday handed out long sentences, including a suspended death penalty, to five people involved in producing and selling pork tainted with a poisonous chemical, the official Xinhua news agency said.

CISA awaits OK for its iron ore index

2011-07-26 09:43:07

China Iron & Steel Association (CISA), the country's steel lobby, has completed the draft of an iron ore index and expects its publication soon, a move that analysts said will more accurately reflect the Chinese market situation.

The wealthy spend more for luxury

2011-07-26 09:40:10

China's wealthiest people have been under a bit of pressure from inflation, with the costs of luxury products up 7.73 percent year-on-year as of June.

Farmers think oil leak is killing scallops

2011-07-26 13:09:50

As ConocoPhillips and China's ocean watchdog try to control the spread of oil leaks in a gulf of the Yellow Sea, fishers in North China's Hebei province are complaining that the disaster has caused the death of a large number of scallops.