SFDA tests disputed baby shampoo

2011-11-05 15:09:15

China's food and drug watchdog is conducting a safety test and evaluation of baby shampoo produced by Johnson & Johnson.

Urban, rural income gap narrows

2011-11-05 14:14:28

The income gap between rural and urban residents has narrowed, as income growth for rural residents outpaced that of urban dwellers.

PBOC to regulate 3rd-party payment

2011-11-05 11:52:33

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) unveiled methods outlining how the central bank plans to regulate non-financial organizations engaged in payment and settlement businesses.

China refutes US cyber espionage accusation

2011-11-05 08:24:59

China rejected a US accusation that it uses cyber espionage to steal sensitive economic information and technology from the United States, calling the claim "unprofessional and irresponsible".

HK boosts yuan internationalization

2011-11-05 08:26:16

In its role as a testing ground for the internationalization of the RMB, Hong Kong is successfully building three "bridges" linking the onshore and offshore yuan markets, a Hong Kong official said.

Improved financial governance called for

2011-11-05 08:21:40

The G20 should agree on a plan to improve the governance of international financing and to reform the world's regulation system, analysts said.

Medical and healthcare investment soars

2011-11-05 08:26:16

Investment in China's medical and healthcare industry reached a record $3.5 billion in the first nine months of the year, 2.7 times more than the total amount over the whole of 2010.

Emerging markets pad fall in Chinese export orders

2011-11-05 08:20:40

China's signature trade fair has seen a growth in orders from emerging markets, cushioning a drop in Chinese exports to developed markets.

GDP growth 'set to slow to 8.5%'

2011-11-05 08:26:16

The Chinese economy may register its slowest pace of growth in a decade in 2012, but the country's macroeconomic policies are likely to remain stable next year, said central bank adviser Li Daokui.

Rail ministry in pay pledge

2011-11-05 08:21:40

To ensure construction continues on train line projects, the Ministry of Railways has promised to pay off some of its creditors before Nov 20.

Currency's value rise considered 'reasonable'

2011-11-05 08:21:40

The renminbi is coming close to having a reasonable exchange rate, Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said at the G20 summit.

Business focus: Home improvement

2011-11-04 08:55:41

A taste for the good things in life is feeding China's burgeoning home decoration market.