Rare earth association 'to launch next month'

2012-03-31 08:07:49

China's long-awaited rare earth industry association is due to be established early next month and will cover the majority of companies in the industry chain, in the latest move to consolidate the ill-regulated sector.

New RMB system in the works

2012-03-31 08:07:49

Move to facilitate cross-border yuan clearance, improve trade settlement.

Online gaming sector recovering

2012-03-31 08:07:49

China's online gaming industry is recovering from a slump that started in 2010, and its market scale is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan ($15.9 billion) by the end of 2015, the Ministry of Culture said on Friday.

Govt to pilot property tax in more cities

2012-03-23 17:39:18

China's State Council plas to include more cities to levy property tax in 2012 after Shanghai and Chongqing were chosen as the first pilot cities a year ago.

Difficult months on horizon for nation's exports

2012-03-24 07:50:27

Growing protectionism and slackening global demand will hurt the world's largest exporter.

Water companies starting to bubble up

2012-03-24 07:45:37

The France-based Veolia Water, the largest water supply and treatment company in China, is facing fierce competition from Chinese rivals.

You can always find it down at Sam's place

2012-03-24 07:45:37

At the Sam's Club store in Beijing, customers are not waiting in line at the cashier counters.

Rare earths policy 'in line with WTO'

2012-03-14 08:05:15

Protecting the environment and the efficient management of resources were the factors that shaped China's rare earths policy.

China Mobile beefs up media presence

2012-03-14 08:07:31

China Mobile will strengthen its presence in the domestic broadcasting industry.

Companies show responsibility

2012-03-14 08:07:31

Chinese firms going abroad try to contribute to local development.

Japan to buy $10.3b Chinese bonds

2012-03-14 08:07:31

Japan announced on Tuesday that it has won Chinese authorities' approval to buy 65 billion yuan ($10.3 billion) in Chinese government bonds.

Image of Chinese firms need to improve

2012-03-14 08:07:31

Citizens of Japan and South Korea have a less favorable view of Chinese companies and products than people in other economies.