Economic growth slowest in 2 years

2012-01-18 09:11:24

Weaker export demand and cooling real estate cited as reasons by the National Bureau of Statistics.

CDB funding solar plants in US

2012-01-18 07:47:58

The move of funding to construct plants in US helps create jobs and benefits the local economy.

Overseas expansion plan for animal feed firm

2012-01-18 07:47:58

BEIJING - New Hope Group, China's biggest manufacturer of animal feed by sales and production, is to expand its business in emerging markets through a joint venture with Marubeni Corp, Japan's biggest grain trader, to tap into the region's rising demand for agricultural products.

Cross-border yuan policy set for stability during 2012

2012-01-18 07:47:58

China will aim for stability this year in terms of its policies on cross-border yuan-denominated business.

Fast urbanization set to drive consumption

2012-01-18 07:47:58

Historic population shift sees city dwellers outnumber rural residents.

Uncertainties cloud China's economy in 2012

2012-01-17 07:04:50

A slowdown is expected for China's growth engine in 2012 as uncertainties continue to cast clouds over it.

Internet use rises at slower pace

2012-01-17 08:08:33

The number of Chinese on the web was at 513 million for the year. But the annual increase rate was 12.2 percent, the slowest since 2002.

Orange juice safe, makers say

2012-01-17 07:45:24

Beverage giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola said the orange juice they sold in China is safe, after discovering an unapproved fungicide in products sold in the US.

Ban Moutai at official banquets

2012-01-17 07:59:03

A Shanghai legislator has proposed to prohibit Moutai, arguably China's most renowned liquor, from being served at government dinners.

Balancing growth and inflation 'a challenge' in 2012

2012-01-17 08:08:33

BEIJING - Despite positive results from recent efforts to curb prices, China still faces challenges in balancing inflationary pressure with stable growth, the country's top statistics official said on Monday in a published commentary.

1,857 batches of imported food below standard

2012-01-17 09:49:29

China's entry-exit quarantine inspection authorities uncovered 1,857 batches of substandard imported food in 2011, China's quality watchdog said Monday.

Saudi oil refinery deal shows close ties

2012-01-16 07:10:13

China and Saudi Arabia signed a $8.5 billion oil refinery deal during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's six-day trip to the Middle East.