Nuclear industry's growth to slow

2011-08-31 08:57:39

China will have 42 gigawatts (gW) of nuclear capacity by 2015, equal to 3 percent of total installed power capacity

China to auction shale gas blocks

2011-08-31 08:55:59

China may hold a second and possibly a third auction of shale-gas blocks by the end of this year in an bid to accelerate the pace of exploration and development of the fuel

Spring Airlines looks to Japan for expansion

2011-08-30 09:25:02

Spring Airlines Co Ltd, China's only budget carrier, is set to establish a subsidiary in Japan as part of its efforts to explore international markets. Preparatory work is currently under way.

China Citic Bank net profits up 41% in H1

2011-08-30 09:26:07

China Citic Bank said on Monday its first-half net profits climbed 40.61 percent year-on-year to 15.02 billion yuan ($2.35 billion).

SGI shifts attention to China

2011-08-30 09:22:15

According to Barrenechea, SGI will purchase about $200 million in computer components from China in the next 12 months, accounting for half of its global purchases.

'Premature' for firms to go back into Libya

2011-08-30 09:05:41

Some experts said Chinese companies can return to Libya to participate in post-war reconstruction.

Couples' tax issue creates dilemma

2011-08-30 09:03:12

The previous regulation said the tax will be charged at a rate of 3 percent of the evaluated price of the transferee's share of the property.

Power shortages crimping profits for southern businesses

2011-08-30 09:01:52

Binchuan Metals Co has had weekly power blackouts this summer and uses 2,000 liters of diesel every month to fuel its own generators. "This adds to our costs," said the head of its administrative department, surnamed Tang.

Defaults on local govts' debt 'unlikely'

2011-08-30 08:58:25

Local governments are unlikely to default on their debt, although some might face liquidity risks in repaying debts in the short term, economists said.

BOA to sell 13.1b shares of CCB

2011-08-30 09:27:51

Bank of America (BOA) announced Monday to sell roughly 13.1 billion common shares of China Construction Bank Corporation (CCB) to generate approximately $8.3 billion.

Banks' stocks tank on A-share market

2011-08-30 09:06:42

Among the 16 banking stocks, the majority reported a fall greater than the 1.37 percent decline registered by the Shanghai Composite Index.

Tailoring goods to the market

2011-08-30 09:00:20

China's remarkable economic achievements of the past decade are transforming people's daily lives. Most Chinese have more social occasions and entertainment options today than they did 10 or more years ago.