Record realty prices head to lower-tier cities

2011-06-22 10:18:12

Property prices in a number of coastal cities are rising faster than those in large cities as investors with deep pockets look to second- and third-tier cities amid tightening measures to cool the market.

NSSF to be PICC 'sole investor'

2011-06-22 10:20:53

China's National Social Security Fund, which has invested 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion) to buy an 11 percent stake in the People's Insurance Co (Group) of China (PICC), will be PICC's sole investor before the insurer's planned listing, according to a source who was involved in the deal but declined to be named.

Dot-Com becoming Dot-Con?

2011-06-22 09:57:00

Just a couple of months ago the debate was still open as to whether there was a bubble in US-listed Chinese Internet stocks. Today, it's hard to deny that the bubble is there - unless it has already burst.

Heavy rains won't hurt early rice yield

2011-06-22 09:34:24

The torrential rains and flooding in China's southern provinces will have only a limited impact on rice production and will not threaten the country's food supply this year, experts and officials said on Tuesday.

Rare earths output ratio to decrease

2011-06-22 09:17:25

Rare earths production in China, as a percentage of the global total, will fall sharply from the current 95 percent to 60 percent within two years, as foreign players resume mining of the precious minerals, an industry expert said.

Power plants will double output of Three Gorges Dam

2011-06-21 17:00:26

The China Three Gorges Corporation says four planned hydroelectric power stations being built on the Jinsha River will be capable of producing twice as much power as the Three Gorges Dam, which is currently the world's largest-capacity hydroelectric power plant.

All food additives can be detected

2011-06-21 16:57:47

China claims to have detection methods for all food additives that can be legally used in the country.

Five suspected over data leaks

2011-06-21 16:09:26

A Beijing procurator confirmed on Monday that five people are under judicial investigation for leaking key economic data before its official release.

Bottled water IPO to soak up funds

2011-06-21 15:13:25

Tibet 5100 Water Resources Holdings Ltd, the Chinese provider of premium bottled mineral water, began looking to raise up to HK$1.6 billion ($205.3 million) in an initial public offering on Monday.

Ejiao maker intent on leaping hair and hide into health food

2011-06-21 14:31:06

Shandong Dong E E Jiao Co Ltd, the largest Chinese ejiao maker by market share, wants to boost its health food business in order to grab a big slice of the promising industry, the company said on Monday in Beijing.

Tollway system on target list

2011-06-21 15:15:40

A campaign targeting illegal toll collections started on Monday amid rising criticism of the country's tollway system.

China's farm produce prices up last week

2011-06-21 14:30:27

Prices for Chinese farm produce gained slightly last week, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Tuesday.