Ford China's new hand on the wheel

2011-07-28 10:13:30

Joe Hinrichs, the new chairman and chief executive officer of Ford China, is a man of relentless energy.

Microsoft to add R&D staff

2011-07-28 09:51:14

Microsoft plans to add 750 employees to its research operations in the Asia-Pacific region during H2.

Gaming companies make overseas play

2011-07-28 09:08:34

An increasing number of Chinese online games are expected to gain an overseas presence in the next few years, supported by government policies.

Slower inflows seen for REITs

2011-07-28 09:28:35

Chinese real estate investment trusts (REITs) will have subdued investment inflows in the second half, reflecting government efforts to curb capital flows into the property market, researchers said.

MOF focuses on local government debt

2011-07-28 09:07:02

The Ministry of Finance has vowed to strengthen the management and monitoring of local government debt, and a mechanism for debt financing is under consideration to help prevent a potential default.

China's FDI looks ready to set new record

2011-07-28 08:58:59

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China looks like it's heading toward a new record and could exceed $106 billion this year.

Talent hunters mean business

2011-07-27 14:39:19

Li Yang, a PhD marketing student at Columbia Business School in New York, faces a tough choice when he graduates next year - whether to stay in the United States or return to China to look for a job.

Tale of two trains: 'Copy and paste' from a Japanese TV series?

2011-07-27 11:03:40

The animated TV series Train Hero is ironically termed "a miracle" due to its striking similarities to the Japanese animated TV series Hikarian.

500,000 yuan compensation for train crash victim

2011-07-27 14:34:46

China's Ministry of Railways will pay 500,000 yuan (about $77,500) in compensation for each victim of the high-speed train crash, according to an official in charge of the compensation deal.

Pork prices dropped for first time in 3 months

2011-07-27 14:20:58

China's pork prices dropped 0.2 percent for the week ending July 24 from the previous week, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Tuesday.

China in top 5 of global ODI table

2011-07-27 10:11:09

China climbed up the world rankings to fifth-largest outbound direct investor last year and there is still huge potential for a higher placing, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and economists said.

Right recipe for recycled cooking oil

2011-07-27 10:26:44

With the world's largest population and a native cuisine noted for its use of oil as an ingredient, China consumes about 25 million tons of cooking oil each year, about one fifth of the global total.