Beijing to go green

2012-03-08 08:17:03

Beijing is to take action to make its coal-fired power plants and heating facilities go green.

'US trade bill breaks WTO rules'

2012-03-08 08:16:19

Trade measures passed by the US Congress violated both US laws and WTO rules.

Growing pressure on job market

2012-03-08 08:16:19

25 million more people seeking work this year, minister says

Chinese economist as IMF Secretary

2012-03-08 04:00:31

The IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said she has named Jianhai Lin as the Secretary of the Fund.

Index reflecting rich-poor gap

2012-03-08 01:04:21

A Chinese statistician said the country's Gini coefficient in urban and rural areas has been distorted.

Taiwan Fubon opens firm in Chongqing

2012-03-08 10:52:51

A new Taiwan-funded property insurance firm opened in the Chinese mainland's city of Chongqing.

Trademark dispute could block iPad

2012-03-08 08:13:41

Chinese shoppers may not be able to buy the next version of Apple's iPad tablet on the mainland.

Power firm to maintain plans

2012-03-08 08:13:41

The ABB Group doubled its investment in China in 2011 despite the country's slowing economy.

Qingdao ore terminal ready to open

2012-03-08 09:35:35

China's Qingdao Port expects to start operating its 400,000-ton Dongjiakou ore terminal.

Oil giants looking to add capacity

2012-03-08 08:13:41

China's two biggest oil companies each plan to establish a 300,000-ton crude oil terminal in northern China's Tianjin Port.

Food companies seek overseas growth

2012-03-08 08:13:41

Global food and beverage companies are the next major targets for Chinese enterprises.

China negotiating in wind tower probe

2012-03-08 10:34:02

China's Ministry of Commerce will negotiate with the US side over its probe into Chinese exports of wind towers.