Building naturally

2011-07-29 12:19:25

When visitors walked around the French Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo last year, many of them probably also stood on a part of Zhejiang province.

Fit to a tea

2011-07-29 12:19:25

Sixth-generation member of tea family brews up new ideas to modernize a time-honored business

It's not just child's play

2011-07-29 12:19:25

For many people the brand Lego epitomizes imagination and creativity. It has twice been named Toy of the Century, by Fortune magazine and the British Association of Toys.

Remake, Remodel, Rebrand

2011-07-29 12:19:25

Chinese companies need to raise their game to gain international recognition for their products

China's changing: Out with the old and in with the new

2011-07-29 12:19:25

China is yet to see many of its domestic brands become internationally renowned.

US data, debt-talks stalemate weaken equities

2011-07-29 11:22:15

Stocks on the Chinese mainland fell for the first time in three days as a drop in US durable-goods orders and a stalemate over the US debt limit boosted concerns global economic growth will falter.

SMEs scramble for funds from private lenders

2011-07-29 11:06:44

Private lenders are charging up to 18 times the benchmark loan rate in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) finding it increasingly hard to get bank credit as a result of government tightening policies.

Yunnan finance vehicles on credit watch

2011-07-29 10:57:35

A top Chinese credit ratings agency has put two local government financing vehicles in the southwestern province of Yunnan on credit watch, the first such move since concerns mounted over potential defaults on local government debt.

eSun forms new arm from buyout

2011-07-29 11:45:38

Hong Kong-based media conglomerate eSun Holdings Ltd unveiled on Thursday its new entertainment arm, Media Asia Group Holdings Ltd, after completing the buyout of film production and distribution company Rojam Entertainment Holdings Ltd.

Chinese and auto demand to boost ArcelorMittal

2011-07-29 11:15:53

The world's No 1 steelmaker ArcelorMittal SA sees demand from China and the auto industry supporting second-half profits this year, along with more in-house ore and coal supplies.

CYTS looks to smaller cities for tourism sector

2011-07-29 11:15:14

China CYTS Tours Holding Co Ltd, a leading tourism service provider in China, is seeking a stronger foothold in second- and third-tier cities, along with an improved service standard to survive weak inbound market growth, the agency's top executive said.

Yanchang Petroleum to focus on petrochemicals

2011-07-29 10:27:40

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co, China's fourth-biggest oil producer by output, is planning to strengthen its petrochemical division and cut the weighting of its oil and gas unit in its total portfolio, after its oil resources were squeezed by China's top three oil companies.