Customer service goes online

2011-09-19 07:58:44

With the appearance of new media, more companies are finding that their customer services should not be limited to stores or call centers.

Taking action in solar pollution

2011-09-19 10:10:10

Environmental authorities in Haining, announced the actions that are being taken to prevent further pollution from a solar panel producer.

EU, China should look beyond trade irritants

2011-09-17 15:34:17

Economic ties between the European Union and China constitute a key component of a sustainable global recovery.

Pork imports set to hit a record

2011-09-17 07:39:03

China's pork imports are likely to hit a record this year, but the surge will have limited influence on surging prices, analysts said.

China does not seek big trade surplus

2011-09-17 11:29:20

China does not intend to pursue a large and continuous trade surplus, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao said Friday.

Domestic market key for future

2011-09-17 08:05:53

BEIJING - With exports sagging in the face of the global debt crisis, China's manufacturers should look to cash in on domestic demand, said the deputy minister of commerce.

Mixed reviews for library Apple center

2011-09-17 09:11:55

Peking University has become the latest prestigious institution to be accused of selling out, after allowing Apple to set up shop in its library.

Women play big role in economy

2011-09-17 14:22:26

Women entrepreneurs are playing a big role in China's economy ,a leader of China's biggest women's organization said on Friday.

China to invest more in oceanic science

2011-09-17 13:44:25

Chinese government released a guideline on the oceanic science and technology development between 2011 and 2015.

Aid not tied to status

2011-09-17 08:05:53

BEIJING - China is not trading its help to European countries for their recognition of the nation's market economy status, said Chai Xiaolin, director of the Department of World Trade Organization Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce.

Survey finds a tendency to save more

2011-09-16 09:20:46

Chinese citizens are now more willing to save rather than spend as they are less satisfied with current price levels, according to a survey of PBOC.

Entrepreneurs less confident in Q3

2011-09-16 09:17:13

China's entrepreneurs appear to be less confident about their current business prospects, according to a quarterly survey by the People's Bank of China.