Cell phones that do it all soon

2011-10-10 07:56:21

A decades-old technology is now being incorporated into mobile phones to enable them to swap information.

Delivering buses for London Olympics

2011-10-08 17:19:02

A Chinese automaker has clinched a deal with a UK tour operator to provide the latter with red double-decker buses.

Trying hard to build image in China

2011-10-08 17:16:56

German chemical company BASF SE set up a community group in southwest China's Chongqing municipality last month.

JAC invests $500 million in Brazil

2011-10-08 13:31:06

JAC Motors announced it will invest $500 million in its first overseas plant, which will be located in Brazil's northern state of Bahia.

China offers more support to Xinjiang

2011-10-09 09:37:02

The State Council unveiled guidelines giving more support to the construction of two economic development zones in Xinjiang.

Railway traffic sets record high

2011-10-09 09:31:04

China's railways carried a record total of 67.3 million passengers from Sept 28 to Oct 7.

China to cut fuel, diesel prices

2011-10-08 17:13:05

China will reduce the retail prices for gasoline and diesel by 300 yuan ($47.17) per ton starting Oct 9, the country's top economic planner said.

Citic finishes flat on trading debut

2011-10-08 15:13:43

For China's biggest broker and underwriter, the toughest IPO of the year may have been its own.

Europe's QE may pose problems

2011-10-08 08:03:43

A new round of monetary-easing measures in Europe has boosted investor confidence in the capital market.

Macao's industrial production fell

2011-10-08 10:38:25

The value of industrial production of Macao continued to fall in 2010 due to the protracted decline in exports.

Vote on currency bill set to next week

2011-10-08 08:04:58

The US Senate on Thursday put off the final vote on a currency bill - which could lead to levies on Chinese goods.

Geely denies Saab interest

2011-10-08 08:03:43

China 's Geely Holding Group, said it has no plans to seek ownership of struggling car maker Saab AB, denying a Swedish newspaper report.